Thursday, May 12, 2016

Denver- The Good Part

Okay, you heard me mope and complain and sugar coat pretty much nothing about the bad symptoms part of our weekend in Denver, but that isn't fair. Up until the moment of... well of no return, the weekend was perfect. Since documenting the bad side has happened, documenting the good sign is absolutely necessary. My sister and brother in law are kinda like the bests hosts ever. Everything is so casual and easy when you stay there that you couldn't feel anything but at home. I mean seriously if you had 4 grown adults getting violently ill in your basement and that doesn't stress you out, I think you deserve a big gold star. That was my last mention of being violently ill... I promise.

One day we headed out for a quick hike. When we lived in California, we would go hiking almost every week so it was nice to get back out and away from everything. Also, can you check out that hiking-baby-carrier-thing (yes, definitely the technical term). Emilia has probably more covered more elevation in her year on earth than I have in my life.

There were storms in the distance and the sky was a beautiful deep shade of blue. These are definitely not Houston views.

And because I can't help myself, here is one picture of the star of the show. 

It was so much fun seeing how much she has grown in the past couple months since I've seen her. If I'm being honest, for the past year I've carried some irrational guilt about missing all the little things- the daily developments, the mega meltdowns, or the what-the-heck-do-I-do-how-am-I-the-mom moments. Growing up with a sibling, you don't miss anything. You're there when they learn to drive, when you play cooking show during summer break, you're there when you steal their clothes, or the annual family beach trip- you are around all the time. From the first time I met this sweet little babe it became crystal clear that so much of this stuff will be missed. I'll miss watching my sister and brother in law send her off to school for the first time, (hopefully will miss) the first time she is grounded, their summer trips, and everything in between. But before I let myself go down a rabbit hole of tears, I realize that  of course these moments will be missed. This new addition may have their own siblings, their own memories, their own inside jokes on how ridiculous her parents are. My sisters and I haven't lived under the same roof in well over a decade and that doesn't stop us from picking up/ picking on where we left the last time we were together. All I can hope for this sweet babe is that her family provides both roots and wings. Oh and I guess I also hope for a windfall of frequent flyer miles.



  1. Those views from your hike are absolutely gorgeous! That kind of makes up for the bad parts of the trip, right? :)

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  3. Oh my gosh -- those views!! I'm THIS close to booking a flight there right now.
    Evelina @ Fortunate House