Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Babies Win 5 Out of 6 Times

Warning: This is the only photo that you will find today (you will quickly discover why).
Extra Warning: There is a 2% chance of complete sentences; read on if you dare.


I hightailed it out of the office for a late afternoon meeting.
Meeting ran later than expected and I scurried home to pack for a weekend trip to celebrate our favorite family member's 1st birthday and Mother's Day.
Packed a weekend bag, ate a frozen pizza, and cleaned the house in an embarrassing short period of time.
Went for a quick run while being highly impressed at the amount of drunk Cinco-de-Mayo-ers already out.
Did some more work, put my away message up, and tried to block out the growing to-do list items that I knew would emerge.
Hopped on a plane to see my favorite little family in the world.


Landed in Colorado, forced my sister to wake up to pick us up at the airport, oogled over their home renovations until we fell asleep.
Woke up to the best 1 year old that I've ever seen.
Forced her to hug me, tried to bribe her to dislike my other sister (road to #funaunt begins), and had a great time.
Cooked a bit, laughed a lot, and tried to acclimate to the altitude.
Had a fantastic Italian dinner, had about 7 fantastic Italian desserts, stayed up to late drinking beers on a patio.
Had a great day.


Woke up to the best 1 year old that I've ever seen.
Forced her to hug me, tried to bribe her to dislike my other sister (road to #funaunt begins), had a great time.
Got some exciting news from my other sister; although I'm still not retracting my niece bribery.
Got ready for a pretty wild 1st birthday party, talked shop with a fellow crime novel fan, was deterred from waking the birthday girl up from her nap to play with me.
Got sick, got sick again, hid in the basement for far to long.
Woke up hours later just to repeat previous activities.
Lured people into my room only to see them wearing gas masks, thought that was funny, but it hurt to laugh.
Slept, got sick, slept, got sick.
Infected husband who also slept, got sick, slept, and got sick.
Used a heating pad to stay warm, laid on concrete to cool off, and basically was a delirious mess.


Woke my mom and sister up with graphic details of the illness from Hades (happy mothers day).
Slept in a basement all day.
Avoided human interaction; I'm sure actually all humans were avoiding me.
Tried to drink a Gatorade.
Decided to definitely not drink a Gatorade.
Didn't make flight to Houston.
Actually could barely even make it up the stairs.
Watched a cooking show (not a good idea on an empty stomach) and fell asleep.


Tentatively made it up the stairs.
Tentatively ate more than 8 cheerios.
Tentatively saw the outside.
Slowly became human again (mostly to con the birthday girl to play with me).
Cloroxed the heck out of the room we had infected.
And (fingers crossed) are boarding a plane back home in a few hours.

That is what a vacation weekend looks like when the plague hits your family. Of the 6 adults visiting, 5 were struck down with this lightning bolt illness. Apparently in the contest between adult immune systems and baby viruses, babies win 5 out of 6 times.


  1. Oh man, what a weekend you had! But at least you got to play with your super cute niece, right? :) Hope you're still feeling better!

  2. Oh man, what a weekend. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. Oh girl, I feel you! I had a very similar sickness Christmas Eve/Day and it was horrible.

  4. Oh no!! It started off so well! Did you get to participate in the birthday party at all? Do you think it was the Italian food? Hope things are better now!!
    Evelina @ Fortunate House