Monday, May 2, 2016

April Showers Bring May....

It is already May. No idea how that happened, but I will take it. April went by in a flash. It came with a vengeance and here in Houston is just rained and rained and rained. Then it stopped and then it started raining again. 

I had a big long list of things that needed to get done this past month, but very few things really got accomplished. In terms of consistency with posting on this little slice of the internet, it was the fewest number of posts in a month ever. I tried to write more consistently, but real life things took priority. Oh and netflix. Real life and netflix get in the way of so many things.

What was great about April? I got to attend a lot of arts events ranging from the symphony to a musical to a Greek play to a live printing demonstration. Andrew and I knocked off a couple Houston must-do's off our list. We spent a lot of time with family and friends. Had a blast checking out some restaurants (Uchi- I'm looking at you). Work has been challenging and fufilling. We may have just picked up a new training trick for Cal. And...

Andrew passed the Texas bar! When we moved from California where he was bar certified, we knew he would have to take the Texas again. The one thing we didn't know (or remember) was how trying the whole process to be. After months of him studying, a couple months of me worrying, and maybe a couple nightmares, he got the great news that not only did he pass it- but did great!

So April Showers are bringing big smiles so far this May,


  1. are you sure you weren't in toronto? because that sounds a lot like what we've been experiencing. i am waiting for the sun to come back!

  2. Congratulations to Andrew and the bar exam! Holy cow, even I know how awesome that is so major kudos to him. Seriously, where has this year gone?!