Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Adding Another to the List

I have 13 home improvement projects spinning in my mind right now, 2 currently creating a crap ton of saw dust in our loft (so excited to hopefully soon share), 1 new set of DIY project parts headed our way in the mail, and I'm thinking of adding another to the list. Shhh... don't tell my husband. Or our awesome set of family and friends that spent a big part of the weekend and today helping whip up another DIY project into shape. 

I've shared a couple of our recent projects like our DIY board and batten dining room and front door upgrade,
 but behind the scenes we have spent a lot of time over the past year (literally) working our way from room to room. Our house is by no way done, but we are getting closer to having the house look like we want it to.

One of the things I was deadset on when we moved into the house was fixing up the living room's centerpiece: the fireplace. It isn't ugly. It isn't attractive. It just kinda sits there needing some love. I'm not a fan of the painted white brick and I think the whole thing is a little flat, but I also have a fond vivid memory of getting my gym shorts stuck to the wood adhesive while laying a hardwood floor, so I need a bit more confidence before whipping up some plans.  I don't have a easy photo available, but you can see some snaps of the not-lighting-my-fire-fireplace from the following two photos.

Yeah there are definitely dog toys in both of the photos. Oops.

I've been thinking of creating an easy DIY upgrade to make the fireplace really stand out as the center of the room. I've come up with two options.

1) Adding a floating mantle
How To Build a Mantel:
I love that we could make a real centerpiece out of the fireplace AND have more than just a couple inch shelf for pictures, candles, and all sorts of knickknacks. I'm a little nervous to negotiate adhering anything into a wall of bricks... and the holes that it would leave if we weren't able to manage that. BUT I do love the look.

great idea: paint a traditional fireplace screen a modern, bold color!:

This could be a fun way to bring in some more color into the space AND it has the added benefit of being entirely possible to do in an hour.

Thoughts? If you were secretly adding projects to a home to-do list, what would you pick?


  1. Option 2! I think that would look awesome with your white fireplace.

  2. I love the colors in your living room - so bright and pretty!

  3. not lighting my fire hahaha. i really like option 2. when we moved in, we ripped out the floating mantle that was in place (ugly and too small) and we have been meaning to build another so i have option 1 saved somewhere on my pinterest. we moved in almost 3 years ago so.... one day? lol.