Monday, April 25, 2016

Currently 4.25.16

Things have just been a blur around here the past week with the Houston floods and general busy-ness. Instead of hunkering down and getting things done, I have about 15 projects midway done, ideas for 27 more, and not enough motivation to finish any. 

So it is time for another Currently post...

Currently eating: 
No-Fry Italian 'Fried' Chicken
Okay, well we not currently at this very moment, but we made Port and Fin's No-Fry Italian 'Fried' Chicken and I'm still salivating over it. So delicious that when drumsticks went on sale again at the grocery store this week, we went and bought enough for 2 more batches. Just livin la vida loca over here. 

Currently Reading:
King John- Shakespeare's histories have never been my thing, so it is taking me longer than I would like but I have faith.

Currently Watching:
Amazing Race (except I have no idea who these 'social media stars' are) and Game.Of.Thrones. 

Currently Sweating:
I tried to run a couple times this week, but until my doctor's appointment for my hip I'm trying to take it easy. Sunday we went on an almost 13 mile bike ride that felt great. I miss the miles though :(

Currently Anticipating:
Trip up to Colorado coming up to celebrate our favorite baby's 1st birthday. Can't wait to see that little girl and her parentals. 

Currently Pinteresting:
Ideas for our front garden. Trying to find something that will be resistant to the Houston heat and be very low maintenance. This one falls squarely in the '15 projects halfway done' pile.

Currently Online WINDOWshopping:
Rose gold Druzy earrings, rose gold earrings, rose gold druzy, Faux Druzy earrings, Druzy Pendant earrings, Boho Jewelry, Druzy earrings
Pendant rose gold earrings after mine went tragically missing, new running shoes, and a PJ set with shorts because... Summer is coming (see the Game of Thrones non-reference reference).

Currently Stressing Over: 
A very hectic work week full of presentations, deadlines, and a couple work-fun things too. It definitely helps that I get to look forward to seeing Faure's Requiem at the Houston Symphony

Currently Grateful For:
Andrew picking up the slack around here while I've been running around like a chicken (drumstick, of course) with my head cut off.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear that work is stressful girl, hopefully the gardening will de-stress you! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  2. 13 mile bike ride? Yes, please. I'm hoping to get in a couple rides of that distance this weekend! It's the perfect weather for biking, too. Hope you have a great week!

  3. Those drumsticks look delicious! Amazing Race is one of my favorites. I haven't heard of any of the social media stars either!

  4. i stopped watching GoT in the 4th season and now trying to catch up so we can start season 6 tonight!

  5. lol @ Game of Thrones non-reference reference. i want a pj set with shorts as well. that chicken looks amazing! i am not a fan of drumsticks, i wonder if it would work with breasts..

  6. Oh man. I seriously binge watched all 5 seasons of Game of Thrones in like 3 weeks and then watched the new episode last night. What the hell man. What the hell. That is all that I have to say about that. But yes, loving that show hardcore. Tyrion Lannister is my spirit animal. Minus the hookers.