Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cal: A Year

Cal turned one yesterday. Big news in our house. A whole year. Yes, we went and got him a new toy for his birthday. It was one of the cheapest ones we could find, but the occasion needed to be marked. When he joined our family he could literally fit in one hand and now... oh, okay, he is still pretty small. 

Andrew and I (who, am I kidding- just me) were reflective the other day about all the Cal things that have happened over the last year. Some good (cutest damn dog ever), some not so good (remember the gardening incident of 2015), and all the rest of the times that we have been high fiv-ing each other on our ability to keep something living for a whole year. Side note: Cal was not the biggest threat to our plants' survival.

The first year- these are my thoughts:

1) Puppies are a lot of work. Every child who wanted a pet has heard this on repeat from their mother, but she is right. They need to pee and they need to eat and they need to sleep in the bed with-- okay, I think you get the gist. 

2) Weiner dogs have a damn mind of their own. Yes, you may teach them how to sit, but it's a 50/50 shot whether they will actually do that trick at any given moment. And the chances become slim to none of them doing it when you are trying to show off your incredible dog handling skills.

3) They also have an A+ ability to purposefully ignore you. Shouting their name before they dive head first to a newly deposited... present on a walk will likely result in them tilting their head, snickering to them self, and then eating all the shit in sight. Or just try waking them from a slumber, no way no how. Apparently Andrew and I are Houdini to Cal; we disappear at his will. 

3) Pups are also like the alarm clock that you never wish you had. I mean this in a couple different ways. The first is... well try sleeping in late with a puppy chewing on your hair. You wake up when they want you too. The second is far worse. Just as you are drifting off to sleep all tucked in for a solid, dreamy 8 hours, your four-legged friend howls. He gets up, lets out a blood curling bark, and proceeds to growl and whine at the closed and locked door. All the sudden that thoughtless sleep becomes an impossibility. The dog has decided you have a home intruder. This imaginary intruder will come, will get you, will ONLY be scared away with incessent barking. Upon groggily waking up, frantically shushing him, and letting the wild hound out into the house to find said intruder, they will look at you and with a knowing smile decide all is well in the world... in fact, they decide it is now bed time. 

4) Even with the bad puppy parenting noted above, I don't even know if its possible to love him more.



  1. Aww happy first birthday to Cal! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Happy birthday to Cal, what a cutie :). My mom has a weiner dog and he is an old guy now and still acts like a puppy! They are seriously adorable and I never knew I wanted one until I met him.