Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sa Wat Dee Ka from 36000 Feet Above Thailand

It's been a whirlwind of an amazing trip, but we are officially heading back home. Thailand stole my heart- the people, the food, the character, the natural beauty, the bustling chaos, the culture, the arts, the beaches... Boarding the plane was a practice in masochism.

It hasn't been an easy vacation. Traipsing around Thailand isn't as carefree and "easy" as most places we have been to, but so worth it. 

Just the travel itself has been exhausting-

Almost 50 hours on planes,
14 hours on an overnight, jolt-y train,
2 ferry boats with a couple scary bugs and more than a couple Chang beers,
A handful of long boats with warm sun on our faces,
1 oxygen tank of scuba diving time,
A memorable and exhilarating tuk tuk ride (that we actually survived),
Snorkel fins that carried us further than we thought making a long swim back,
Handful of taxi rides,
Few hours of hiking time in 90 degree plus weather,
An afternoon biking across the most magnificent ruins I've ever seen,
Some casual song-teaw rides,
Some jam packed public transit metro rides, 
More than a few hours wandering around mildly lost eating everything in sight, 
An elephant ride through the jungle,
And so much more.

I can't wait to share more, but in the meantime I'll be reminiscing and trying to figure out how to beat the 13 hour time difference and make it to work 10 hours after we land...



  1. Hope you have a safe trip back! Looks like you had a wonderful trip - can't wait to read more about it!

  2. Wishing you safe travels as you head home! I can't wait to hear (read) all about it!!

  3. Hope you have a safe trip back and the jet lag isn't too awful!

  4. Can't wait to see all about your trip, especially the elephants!!