Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Adulting While Whining About It

I had to adult again today. Remember that time I was belligerently angry about buying a new mattress... well today we bought a refrigerator. Swiping that card brought back all those feelings of resentment. Don't get me wrong- it was all my fault. The other one was ugly, not very efficient, but I have not (yet) died of salmonella or some other poor refrigeration woe. It didn't need to go. As flippant first time home owners, the first time we walked into our new home we (okay probably me) said 'oh, that ugly fridge is the first to go.' But then that nasty spending habit at Home Depot caught up to us, and I just frantically tried to cover the fridge with Christmas cards in hopes no one could see the broken bottom, rusting spots, and comically shortness of the still reluctantly functioning appliance. Whatever, it worked... most of the time.

But now that we have bought the new one, instead of remembering all the things I don't like about the old fridge, I am remembering the good things. For one thing- I lived in a teeny, tiny studio for 2 years during grad school that ONLY had an under the counter fridge. It was like reverting to dorm style, but no one cooked for me. That place also had no oven or stove top, so you best believe I had all the tiny appliances that are sold in Best Buy and people go 'huh- how do you use that' to. 

Anyways, I digress. I'm glad the new fridge is on its way. The old fridge will have a nice new home and it'll be one more thing checked off of the "WILL DIE ANY DAY NOW, MAKE SURE YOU SAVE FOR IT" list. But I still would have rather spent the money on a lot of things. On Andrew and I's run we discussed the things we would have rather liked to spend the money on. The list follows...

1) Wine- Andrew said cases of wine (he was speaking for me). I scoffed at him and said a damn bottle would do.
2) Shoes- Obviously this was on my list- not his.
3) A New Puppy- That one fell squarely in the Andrew column.
4) Flights to Europe- Yes, please. Only problem is that it would only pay for 1 of us... I volunteer as Europe tribute.
5) Groceries for 15 weeks- I really hated doing the math there.
6) Student Loans- I hated typing that even more.
7) Front Yard Re-Do- It would only take a hundred bucks and a free weekend afternoon, but its looking a little dismal instead of Spring-y out there.
8) Audible for Years- Still listening to The Stranger Beside Me and loving it.
9) Notre Dame Football Tickets- Only 156 days till the season starts!
10) Some Other Home Appliance That Is Bound To Break Now That We Replaced This One for Aesthetics.... Because karma.

Okay, I'm done adulting now,


  1. All great things to buy instead of the fridge, but I'm sure the on you got is so pretty :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Ugh, adulting. The mattress and fridge purchase are two things that I'm dreading once we get a place of our own. Just let me buy all of the other fun things like wine, a puppy, wine, a trip to Europe, wine...

  3. I bet your new fridge is super pretty though! I hate adulting and picking out what to spend money on. ;)

  4. hahaha volunteer as tribute. so the second we walked into our house i said the same thing about our ugly fridge, but we are still living with it because dang those things cost money!