Friday, March 11, 2016

5 for Friday- Happy Un-Birthday

Ooops. I guess this is why having Facebook's automatic birthday reminder is helpful in this day and age. Mea culpa, blog. Please forgive me for missing your momentous occasion. I know, I know- all the time we spend together I should have known. I'm sorry I forgot your birthday.

 While I was scrolling through blogs (with the gloriously free wifi) in the Taipei airport trying to kill time before the next leg of our flight home, I saw Rose's Happy 1 Blogbirthday post. I knew we started our blogs just around the same time and... oops. 

I honestly can't believe that last March 8th I started this sucker. Time has flown by and it has been so much fun (and just like everyone says blogging takes up a lot of darn time). I have no idea how long I will keep blogging, but I feel like the year mark should be commemorated. I've spent a lot of time and energy on my tiny slice of the intraweb and am so grateful for the amazing people that I've gotten to connect with through blogging. It has really been more than I could hope.

Dear Blog- Sorry I missed your 1st birthday. That was rude. I'll try to remember next year. Here are my 5 Un-Birthday wishes for you. Love, Shay

5 Un-Birthday Wishes for My Blog

1) I wish that sometimes create your own darn content because bloggers block is definitely a thing. Maybe this year while you write your own content you can also make me become an expert at something really exciting too, so that I can have an endless amount of content to write if I feel so inclined. 
2) While you are working on writing your own content, I wish you would really take your own photos too. Man everything looks so much better with good pictures... I'll lend you my camera, but I'll need it back to take a ridiculous amount of dog pictures. Thanks! 
3) I wish that you doing items 1 and 2 enable me to not feel guilty when I don't post 'enough' and that this space gets to stay a creative outlet (and not a chore) for me.
4) I wish to keep meeting awesome people through you, but blog please keep out the weirdos, burglars, creeps in white vans, and scary clowns.
5) I wish that you develop a better spellcheck and, while you are at it, go ahead and develop a grammar check too because I certainly don't want to do it.

Happy Un-Birthday Blog!


  1. Girl if I didn't have a notification on my phone I wouldn't remember mine either lol! Congrats on the blogiversary! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Will there be cake? I think we should throw your blog a birthday party! Congrats on the birthday!

  3. Your blog archive shows you've posted 160 blogs through 3/3/2016. That's very impressive! Especially since you work a full time job, run marathons, CAL, moved across country, bought a condo and then did a major remodel, CAL, traveled all over, went through another bar exam with Andrew, CAL, and all the other activities I've overlooked. Keep writing.

  4. Happy blogiversary! Sounds like some great goals there! Especially the part about keeping out the weirdos lol

  5. LOLLLLL I am loving your 5 wishes. I TOTALLY agree with all of them. Esp the original content! Happy birthday blog lady! Good to have you back!

    1. I mean... Happy blog birthday lady. Wow. Exhibit A of how necessary a grammar check is!