Wednesday, February 3, 2016

WanderLIST: Thailand Essentials

Wanderlust probably isn't even the correct word for what has now become my new travel researching. Now that the accommodations are booked and more exciting aspects of the plan are taking place, the devil is in the packing details. It would be more than fair to say that I'm not a pro packer. I get no joy out of shoving 27 pairs of shoes into a carry-on because 'just in case' and normally I end up spending  at least a couple days per trip looking like a slob because I didn't manage to get my act together.

I haven't quite tackled the clothing packing list yet (at the moment I'm not brave enough to see what can fit into my backpack), so I've started getting together the prep items for this trip. My Amazon cart has been getting quite a good workout based on the recommendations I've seen throughout my research.  

1) Invisaband- Yes, I am fully admitting that I'm terrified of the Zika virus. Yes, I am already aware that Thailand is not geographically adjacent to South America. Yes, I also know that in most cases the Zika virus has pretty mild symptoms and lasts less than a week, But I still read about it way too much online. Soooooo what was I talking about again- oh Thailand, the mosquitoes are bad and I don't want to spend my whole trip swatting them away. I saw this invisaband recommended and am going to order a set for us to try. Basically they are bracelets that help keep the mosquitoes at bay and can be worn for multiple days. I'm thinking these will come in handy where we are in the jungle and at the beach, so I snatched up a set. 

2) Beat It! All Natural Insect Repellent- Same story, there are still mosquitoes in Thailand and I'm still not wanting to itch for 2 weeks straight. This all natural formula came highly recommended and the tiny package can easily be stored in a purse for use while we are out and about.

3) Flash Air II Wireless SD Card- I've wanted this forever, so I'm pretty much using the trip as an excuse to purchase it. Basically it is a camera memory card that can transfer images over wifi to a computer, tablet, or smart phone. We will definitely be spending most of the trip screenless (wahoo), but I might need to send a pic back home to Cal just in case he forgets who we are. 

4) Scarf- The temperatures will be blazing, but many of the temples require modest coverage for entrance. I'm planning on wearing maxi dresses to cover my knees and will wrap a pashmina around to cover my shoulders when necessary. In no way shape or form do I need to purchase another one of these bad boys because scarf shopping is my travel go-to. Instead of purchasing souvenirs that will never see the light of day, I started the habit 6 or 7 years ago to  pick up a pretty scarf each place we travel. That way I can have something wearable that I get to relive the memory each time. I will bring one and aim to pick up one while we are out and about.

What am I missing? My Amazon may feel forgotten if I don't constantly poke around there anymore...


  1. The Flash Air card is a game changer - definitely get it! I love being able to access photos from my camera on my phone as soon as I take them. I'm totally with you on the mosquitos though...

  2. That's so cool that you're going to Thailand! That's such a dream of mine so I'm really excited. I'm kind of terrified of Zika as well (especially because I'll be in Belize in a few months..eek!) so I'll have to pick up that band! It looks much better than loading up on bug spray.

  3. The mosquito bands are genius! Scarves seem to always find their way into my luggage when I'm traveling. Have a great day :)

    P.S.- I listened to episode 40 of the creepy podcast-AHHHHHHH! Washing dishes will never be the same know that I have creepy episodes to listen to-lol!

  4. I'm ordering that invisaband right now for our trip to India since malaria is prevalent over there and they gave us medicine to take too LOL! THank you for the suggestion! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. This is perfect! I'll be in Thailand in April! I haven't heard of the Invisaband - I'm checking it out! We've ordered so many bug sprays and other anti-mosquito treatments. Those things are terrifying!

  6. jealous that you're going to thailand!! let me know how those mosquito bands work out.

  7. oh that virus sounds horrible and now you've got me scared.
    you'll have to update if that sd card works because i really wanted one for my camera, but all the ones i looked at had super sucky reviews. i want one though.

  8. I love that you buy a scarf on each of your trips! That's a great souvenir to get. I got a really pretty scarf last time I was in Poland and I think of my trip every single time I wear it!

  9. Girl, I am right there with you on the Zika virus. And we've had cases of it pop up here (all from people who traveled but still) so I definitely want that Invisaband! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

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