Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day Truths

Via (With Laughter)

I'm a big fan of low key holidays. St. Paddy's Day may be one of my favorite days of the year, I think July 4th is the best excuse to gorge myself on BBQ and watch things blow up, and I definitely support the idea that everyone should get the day off from work on their birthday. Yes please to all of these things.

Valentine's day is just not one of those exciting days to me. It wasn't as a kid (other than the bag of goodies you got to bring home... normally right before Lent), it wasn't while I was single (other than Galentin-ing like it was my job), and it isn't as a married couple (although I will probably find a way to eat my way through the holiday as referenced above).

Confession 1-Since my husband will be cramming for a certification exam on this Hallmark day of love, we don't have anything other than takeout planned. The only thing I bought my husband for Valentine's Day was bacon. I think he will love it more than most things in life judging from how excited he was when he helped unpack the groceries and the day might go down in the record books because I never buy bacon. #wifewin

Truth 2- I do have a Valentine's Day Date, however. I'm DVR-ing the marathon trials from Saturday and fully intend on planting myself on the couch (ironic, isn't it) to watch 26.2 miles on Sunday. I may wear workout clothes while watching it so I feel in solidarity with the runners.

Truth 3- I may wait to go grocery shopping until later in the week so I can score big on Conversation Hearts that are deeply discounted. They are one of my favorite candies even though 80% of the world is convinced they taste like chalk. If they actually do taste like chalk, you will soon find me at the craft store buying chalk to eat as well. 

Truth 4- I read via Time this week that 55% of Americans celebrate Valentine's Day and that those that do spend on average $146.84 on the day! WHATTTTTT?!? What are all these people getting for this holiday? Am I missing out? Does this surprise anyone else other than me?!?

Truth 5- The only Valentine's Day baked good that I remember making was a Pinterest recipe a couple years ago that used strawberry cake mix as the basis for a chocolate chip cookie. It was absolutely disgusting. I was embarrassed that I hadn't tasted them before bringing them to work... but grateful that I didn't have end up eating them all on my own.

Hope that everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend however you choose to spend it!


  1. I mean bacon is pretty epic - I can see why he was so excited about it!! Happy Friday!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You are so funny! I think the conversation hearts taste like chalk, but my guys LOVE them!! Hope you have a great weekend and that your guy enjoys the bacon :)

  3. that is ridiculous that people spend that much!? where are they getting that number from? KC and I normally do something on the day just because I like to celebrate all week, but it's for my birthday not v-day, so how would they know, you know? so weird. i love st paddys, i'm with you there!

  4. we're goign to see deadpool on sunday! not for VDay although when we realized the tix were on VDay, we decided to just call it our VDay date (we don't celebrate it either).

  5. Holy cow $146 on Valentine's Day?! I spend MAYBE $10! Hope you had a good one!

  6. I would say $146 is INSANE but it is Jason's birthday so with gifts and all it is more expected for that. But if it wasn't his birthday.... that is kinda crazy! Bacon is the way to a mans heart so I bet he did love it :) #Bestwife