Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shiplap Me Crazy

Goodness gracious the past couple months have been... well they have just been. Andrew is taking a big ole certification exam that is pretty darn important and the only thing that I can do to help is stay out of the way. While I have enjoyed watching every reality TV show (other than the Bachelor... I just can't) and focusing on some running goals, I am pretty darn excited for my partner in crime to be spending less than 12, 14, too many hours a day studying. Like really excited.

In an effort to open him back to the real world with open arms, I've been dreaming up a long honey do list for the man. After heading back from Thailand and the poor man gets a couple moments of down time (I'll be counting them), I would like to get started on some house projects that have been on my Pinterest mind. A project real high on that list is our loft. This is a space where... well there isn't much going on. We have a built in mini-bed and sometimes throw an air mattress up there, but other than installing new floors we haven't done much. It is literally the only room (other than closets) that hasn't been painted and it is an absolute blank canvas. I love that the room has 2 huge windows that bring in a lot of natural light, so it really can be a dreamy space if we stop our dawdling or avoidance of it. 

Now call me Fixer Upper crazy, but I'm really digging this shiplap trend these days. I love how much texture and character that it gives the room- without being over the top. I think it is understated and wow-factor-y AND DIY friendly. 

Slate herringbone floors and shiplap walls || Studio McGee:

Shiplap walls, beadboard ceiling:

Studio Mcgee Shiplap Bathroom How to:

So Andrew, if I were you I would run... very fast. This may just be the project that breaks our 'please don't make me go to Home Depot anymore ever' stage. And ends up creating another series of sweaty Saturday afternoons filled with cursing and power tools. I think that I've found some budget friendly tips that will make the project easier to start and I can't wait to start lovingly convince and make decisions as a family with my unlucky partner.



  1. Shiplap is awesome, can't wait to see what you do with it in your loft space. I hope your husband's test goes well! I know the "study all day every day" thing very well... my fiancé is doing something similar and I am so ready for it to be over with.

  2. sooooooo can i just say thanks for sharing pictures because i kept hearing it and i was like wtf is shiplap. clearly i don't watch fixer upper enough (i went on a binge a few months ago, but i get obsessed with one show for a bit and then swap, currently it is anything to do with drew and jonathan). good luck to andrew for his exam!

  3. YES! Finally another person that doesn't the Bachelor. I thought I was the only one!! I love shiplap too. Joanna Gaines would be so proud!