Monday, February 29, 2016

Little Free Library, Big Daydreams

Have you heard of the Little Free Library idea before? I swoon over them. The whole concept makes me happy and I think they add the cutest touch of character to any neighborhood. The Little Free Library idea is based on take a book, leave a book. People construct (or purchase one pre-made) a free library where local neighbors take a book and a leave another one for someone else to find. It quite literally brings literacy curbside. The website boasts that there are over 36,000 Little Free Libraries across the world with over 9.3 million books shared annually!

5 tips for running a Little Free Library #LibraryLove:

I first saw these back in the community I worked in in Southern California and thought it was such a novel (get it) idea. I was shocked when we saw some house hunting throughout the Houston area and basically drooled over the neighborhoods that we saw them in. I love the concept of creating a shared community and bringing neighbors together. The icing on top is that community is being formed around reading! I would love to see what my neighbors were reading- and not just because I'm a snoop!

Little Free Libraries On A Shoestring Budget - Little Free Library:

So,I really want to have one at our home. We are so proud of our little abode tucked away in the heart of the city and have had a lot of fun finding new things in our neighborhood. Spending so much time around here and getting to know our neighbors, I think that people would love this idea. It very much fits into the offbeat vibe of our area. But there are a couple set backs.. Our townhouse has a teeny, tiny, barely there yard (debatable use of the word, more like space between the windows and the sidewalk), so we would be talking physically about a little, little, liiiiiiiitle Little Free Library.  We also live in a very urban environment. The fact that we can walk to bars, restaurants, public transportation, dog parks, and jogging trails is amazing, but there are also challenges that come with city living. I'm a little nervous if people damage the Little Free Library or misuse it in other ways. 

WASHINGTON, Spokane #2410 I love the roof on this little library!:

Andrew and I need to spend some more time drooling over plans for it thinking about the logistics of having a Little Free Library and see if it something we want to propose to the HOA (knock on wood for us now). 

I think the first book that I would put in there is a toss up between The GiverThe Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged), or Work Hard, Be Nice. What would you put in?


  1. we have a few of those scattered in our city and the neighbourhoods love them!! in one area, a bunch of punks vandalized it and the whole street got PISSED so they all pitched in to fix it and now a neighbourhood watch has been set up to keep an eye on it LOL

  2. oh i didn't know people could just put one there. that is awesome. i will check with my HOA. honestly, we live in a very residential area and it's not somewhere that people walk past so i don't even know if people would use it. but it's a good idea :)