Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lies I've Told Myself lately

That my dog has stopped his teething phase and my shoes will soon be safe

That I'll put new sheets on the second bed sometime soon

That I don't get angry at having to spend money on cleaning supplies... especially not at oven cleaner

That "oh yeah that thing" will be our next house project (and not the 1 million others)

That we are ready for our trip to Thailand and that the last leg of the trip will just book itself

That watching the US Marathon Olympic trials didn't make me tear up a bit

That I may feel the urge to purge our whole house of useless stuff again after doing so 8 months ago during the move

That my legs don't feel so dead from (probably) too much speed work

That I didn't cheat on my speed workout today

That I don't wake up at night convinced whatever crime show I just watched is going to happen to me

That I just had to re-re-read that to edit out all double negatives... and that I'm only half convinced I figured it out

That the random bag of red sauce(?!?) is the only thing that I don't remember what it is and why I froze it in our fridge

That I'm not nervous that I may have forgotten all of the camera tips and tricks I learned

That I pretty much ate 2 lunches today (whoops)

That I will return all the voicemails I have been ignoring

That I'm feeling a bit of blogger burn out

That I'm going to fit all my clothes and what not into a small backpack for Thailand... and 3 pairs of shoes

That writing this made me both feel more and less like a slacker

Anyone else out there telling some little white lies?


  1. i took a camera course a while back and pretty much forgot what i learned. thankfully, they gave out notes so i have to pull them out once in a while!

  2. Yes to the spending money on cleaning supplies (or toilet paper - I hate that necessary purchase!) and to the blogger burn out. Love this post!

  3. Everytime I watch something scary at night I swear I hear all these noises as I am going to bed! Freaks me out!

  4. Haha I am the worst at freezing things and then forgetting what they are! Sounds like we both really need to start labelling things lol