Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I'm Seeing Red: Front Door Remodel

Let me tell you about this little Houston hot spot that became our little family's home away from home. You know that place where you walk in and everyone knows you. Nodding that knowing nod, you pass your new found BFF who just seems to have all the answers. Next you look around and see what looks good today, all while wearing that glimmer of a smile while you hear, CLEAN UP ON AISLE FOUR... 

That is right, our space was Home Depot. Every weekend without fail we woke up at dawn, grabbed sweats and tried to unsmudge the mascara that didn't make it off, and head to our spot- Home Depot. We started using the Whole Foods mantra "whole paycheck" to describe our addiction to this place. But no we were not coming home with delicious cheeses, artichoke dip, and organic everything; we came home with grout and primer and if we were lucky an overpriced children's candy from the check out aisle. So we made an executive decision and took a home project haitus. AND IT WAS GREAT. It was nice to not spend most of our disposable income on something completely unfun, it was nice to not be covered in paint from head to toe, and it was so nice to not get up at the crack of done to go to damn Home Depot. 

Before we froze our home improvement projects, we were able to sneak in this quick afternoon project that made a huge difference. I've seen our front door as a diamond in the rough from the moment I saw it. I love the details and my safety conscious manic side loves that it is such a sturdy door. I think it is different and really needed an upgrade to get everyone else to see how great it is (i.e. Andrew).

The first step of the project was the biggest 'oh crud, what are we doing' moment. Taking off the door. All the sudden all I saw were mental images of us not being able to put it back on and sitting there with a baseball bat at night waiting for the inevitable bad guys. Once we got it off, we set it up on saw horses and started to sand it. Our house is 40 years old and I'm not exactly sure how old this door is, but it needed a face lift. Sanding was a combo of plane sanding and then hand sanding the details. We used a medium grade sand paper (150- I think) and it got us a nice fresh surface.

The sanding made things quite messy, so a quick water wipe down helped get rid of all the dust that had surfaced.

By this point I was jumping at the bit to start painting, but boring blah blah blah adult things required us to not get paint everywhere. I loved the original door handle and wanted to spruce it up with a new coat of paint.

We used Rustoleum's metallic spray paint and it went on smooth and easy. Bonus points- it dried really quickly.

What made me really excited for the project was the fun color that we spruced up the door with. We went with a bright red (Sherwin William's Real Red) and had the color matched with Behr paint which was on a sweet sale. 

Then the fun began! I was nervous about how much paint the door would suck up and, although it took a couple coats, I love the way it looks. 

Obviously that picture was before the multiple coats!

Andrew re-hung the door after it dried for an hour or so. It was pretty ridiculous to be sitting in our front room with no door, but at least it was nice outside. I was generally surprised how non-nosey people were that walked by. You better believe I would have been peeping in if there was no door in a strangers house, but I guess I'm just poorly behaved.

We decided too install a keypad entry for a variety of reasons and it is great! I love that we have our own passcodes and can distribute new ones to family or friends that may need to stop in, but that we can immediately disengage them if the need arrives. It has a regular key entry to in case we ever want to get in without the code. I also just think it looks so sleek. Andrew was able to install it with very few curse words and when we tried it... the door actually locks and unlocks.

So now I'm seeing red and feeling safe. On to the next home improvement project!


  1. I love the color and when I do own my own house, a bright door is something I've always wanted. It looks gorgeous.

  2. I love, love, LOVE bright colored doors! Y'all chose such a great color & your door looks really fun :)

  3. Girl I love red front doors - something about them is just so pretty!! And loving that high tech lock! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. I get all kinds of excited when walking into Home Depot or Lowes knowing the fun projects that could be taken on. Your door is beautiful, loving that color <3
    Green Fashionista

  5. I LOVE this! SO fun! I've always wanted a pretty colored door but my HOA won't let us paint the front door anything other than black. Boo. One day though... <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. Hahahaha! I love the way you opened up this post and red doors make me swoon! My husband and I are starting the house hunt for a farmhouse with a few acres and I'm really excited but a bit nervous too!

  7. oh wow, that door handle is gorgeous! and the keypad thing is so fancy! red is such a fun colour. ours is white, boring. i'd be nosy too if i saw a door-less house.

  8. It looks amazing Shay! I love the red! We have a key pad lock too and I LOVE it. Not having to search in the black hole that is my purse for keys is a lifesaver!

  9. This looks amazing! I feel like Home Depot is our second home too. I want to paint our front door a fun color (it's white now) so I'm so glad to see how you did it. Our handle is ugly gold and they're SO expensive to replace, but I never thought of spray paint! Brilliant!

  10. The door you picked out for this project looks great! I really like the red color as well. How long will the batteries last in your keypad? I originally installed an electronic keypad on our front door, but my wife was stuck outside until I came home after the batteries died. I ended up putting the keypad on the door that connects to the garage and putting a traditional lock on the front.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock