Monday, January 11, 2016

How To Run A Half Marathon in 3.5 Weeks

Okay, so probably a more honest title would be 'How I Think I Will Run/Crawl/Exist Through A Half Marathon in 3.5 Weeks,' but that just doesn't seem to flow off the tongue the same way. In case you missed it, last week I signed up for a half marathon 26 days away. After signing up I THEN decided to actually get my butt in gear and try to ya know, train for it. Whoops!

I guess the first thing is to start eating my body weight in carbs that I should reiterate (to myself) for the million-th time is to enjoy the process and not get caught up that I'm not at the same pace/strength/fitness level that I normally hope to be this close to a race. This won't be a PR. And that has to be okay. And the only person not making it okay, is me!  

My plan is to survive this race is just to get some good training miles in during the short time that I have left. I got a great 8 miles in this weekend (surprisingly not awful, actually) and most of the time I was just focusing on the mile I was in. For the bit that my brain got all crazy and full of expectations on time/ speed/ endurance, I basically started to choke. The good news is that I know exactly what will fix that.... the sweet, sweet voice of Sarah Kanning and Serial Season 2 in my ear buds. Or self control. Or Chok Blocks.  That is the good thing with long runs... you have a lot of time to figure out what the highlight of the experience is.

Last week was all about adding miles (24 total) and this week is all about continuing to build the endurance. I'm sharing my training plan below, but treat it with a grain of salt. Sharing this, I hope, holds my feet a little closer to the accountability fire. But seriously, this is just what I THINK will work for me. I've been running and racing for 6ish years and know my fitness level for running (albeit slow) endurance miles. If you're new to racing, I would absolutely recommend Hal Higden's plan and aim for a solid 12 weeks of training (if you're new to running, a few extra weeks before to start running). Oh and checking with a doctor. And buying good shoes. Clarification- good running shoes.

Cheers to hoping that I survive this week's miles and am closer to that finish line!


  1. you can do this! train as much as you can and come race day, just do what you may surprise yourself and actually hit a PR!

  2. You're going to run 12 miles the week before the half?? Girl, my legs are thankful that I'm not doing what you're doing! Can't wait to see how it all turns out though :)

  3. Listening to a podcast during a run = brilliant!! Love that idea to get through long runs! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Your comment was so funny on my blog today!! Good luck with your race!

  5. Listening to podcasts is such a good idea while running! I bet it makes you think less about how tired you are towards the end. Great plan!