Friday, January 1, 2016

Do you or don't you?

Ah, what is that smell? Well if your shoes are sticking to your once clean kitchen, you have glitter smeared across your face, and may still be toting those oh so clever 2016 glasses, it just might be the taste of shame New Years Resolutions in the morning! Maybe its the 33 3 glasses of champagne last night, the undying desire to actually learn Spanish, a 5k PR that you just can't seem to meet, or the dreaded resolution of not spending all your disposable income on coffee/blanket scarfs/Star Wars Memorabilia/ insert your bad habit here (mine would be cotton smelling candles and race entries). I love New Years Day because it starts a whole new year and a whole new opportunity to start a fresh.

You guessed it. I'm PRO New Years Resolutions. I love making them. I love tracking them. I even have a Google Doc that I can cross off each one I accomplish off. True talk- I even keep previous years' resolution Google Docs to look back at those. Sooooooo that was all a roundabout way to say that I have a New Years Resolution problem.

The solution? Make new resolutions- of course! So I've been brainstorming and thinking of some new ways to work on self improvement, but also thinking about realistic goals that I can achieve and actually enjoy doing. Last year I made a goal to read 50 books.  I already loved to read and had about 2835562208 books 'next' on my list, so this was a great way to really set aside some time to work on this. Did I do it? Heck yes! Finished New Years Eve afternoon- nothing like a little procrastination to make ya feel alive.

Highlights of my list for this year? I don't want to bore you with all the personal details, but my resolutions this year span across intrapersonal, professional, financial, artistic, fitness, and some fun stuff thrown in there. One of the ones I am most excited for is to pull out that theatre major and re-read all of Shakespeare's First Folio. One that I'm a lil nervous about? Trying to shave minutes off my current 5k time.

So if you haven't yet made resolutions for this year, I say go for it. Find something fun, challenging, and exciting for you this year and invest in yourself!

Happy New Year! 

P.S. If you have any extra champagne from last night, feel free to fedex it my way ;)

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  1. hahahahahahah that new year resolution meme - it's SO TRUE!!! I don't really do resolutions but just think about the kind of goals that i want to achieve ... which i guess are resolutions? LOL happy new year!