Friday, January 15, 2016

Chile Part 7

This may have been more aptly named... The Last Day of Hiking, I'm Dying, or No Words Just Being Tired. Because pretty much by the end of our hiking trip that was exactly how I felt. It was amazing, absolutely yes, but my body was exhausted. In that vein and also in the vein of my sister telling me I need to wrap Chile up, here is a photo heavy/words light recap of the last hiking day where we woke up in the middle of the night to hike to Torres del Paine for a sunrise... surprise.

Wake up at 3am.

Put on head lamp cause it is dark (see above). That is right, I said head lamp. Pretty bad ass.

Start hiking. in. the. dark. That is right, I said in the dark. Pretty bad ass.

Make Andrew carry the pack of warm clothes and breakfast for the peak. Go too fast and  lose Andrew because it was dark and I was speedy without a horcrux of a pack (RIP Alan Rickman). Find Andrew. He is annoyed by this point- probably by me freaking out in the dark.

Hike more-parts basically on my hands and knees because it is dark and I'm a spaz.

Make it to the top before sunrise and feel like a bad ass.

See a very foggy sunrise. Side note- this was the one drawn back of the trip. We had phenomenal weather in a region that is known to be very unpredictable (100 km wind gusts, snow, side wise rain, the works), but on the grand finale of the trip there was a lot of fog and the sunrise wasn't quite the majestic picture perfect image that we were hoping for. However, it was still beautiful. We were snuggled up in our sleeping bags (brought them to the peak because it was cold) scarfing down granola bars and the view (and trip and fact we were still speaking) was an accomplishment.

Reflect on our awesome trip.

Hike back down to the base camp and realize how absolutely terrified we should have been about the grade of the climb, but weren't because we couldn't see anything.

Pack up our trusty tent for one last Chilean time.

Hike to the entrance of the park. Spend a small fortune on food that wasn't dehydrated and beer. 

Regret nothing.

Happy Friday!


  1. Haha - love the short to the point statements - like I'm DONE get me out of here!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. You must have a really mean sister! 😡

  3. So beautiful! What kind of local food did you eat there? I am always so intrigued by local cuisine

  4. I absolutely LOVE your travel posts! My husband and I want to visit his Aunt in Guatemala, have you ever been there? Have a great day!