Friday, January 8, 2016

Chile Part 6

No big deal that I took a 6 month hiatus from the Chile recaps right? Maybe its the travel bug? Maybe it is that nagging feeling that I didn't quite finish what I started? But folks we are back on track for Chile, Chile, Chile.

In case you missed the 5 (!!!) other recaps, we traveled down to a Chilean national park in Patagonia last Spring. It was a beautiful backpacking trip... oh and kinda kicked my butt. If you missed it, go back and check out the (mis)adventures! We are picking up after a night nestled into an incredible campsite between a beach and an snow topped mountain....

I first want to say that we knew today was going to be a hard day. In fact, it was supposed to be the hardest day with a long, long grueling climb on tired legs. Since we knew that going into the trip, we tried to plan around it. Almost all of our other campsites were free, very limited amentities, and at times real rough. I won't go into the 'bathrooms'- for your sake and mine. So we were roughing it, but there was this whole other magical side of the same trek we were doing. 


Yes. Dorms with showers, warm water, food, and NOT sleeping on the ground. I would be a flat liar if I didn't say I was completely jealous of these people- at times. I loved our experience and the fact that it was challenging was awesome, but sometimes I just wanted a shower. So we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at the refugio the night before the hardest day and boy it was worth it. I don't remember what I had, but I was in a MUCH better mood after it. One of my favorite memories of the whole trip was Andrew and I sitting on the patio of the refugio, drinking a beer, looking out to the beautiful beach/ snow-capped mountains, and thinking that this was IT. So beautiful. So peaceful. And there was food on the way that didn't come out of bag from REI. Bliss.

Anyways, there IS a point to this- I promise. Since the refugio had a store (where we got the magical mood changing beer), we decided to get wine as well for the next night's dinner. Now since we are in the middle of nowhere, you don't buy wine in a bottle. It comes in a peculiar shaped cardboard box- kinda like Franzia, but smaller and really delicious. After a full meal, we hung our food bag in a tree and crawled into the tent very full and content. 

A rookie mistake was made (I blame actually being deliriously full on food), and we left the wine box in my camelback outside the tent. 

Our goal was to get up and get out as early as possible the next morning. Waking up with real food in your belly was a magical mood changing  thing, so even I was up and packing up our stuff sacks, organizing, and taking down the tent pretty quick. Andrew went to go fill the camelbacks... and what did he find? A gnawed up spout on mine and an empty wine box. 

Now normally if there is wine missing... he knows exactly who to blame. He was surprised when I looked so chipper though (not the normal case if the wine goes missing). However, upon examination of the wine box it was not imbibed by a human, BUT MICE.

That is right. Those damn mice stole our wine. They chewed through the container and are somewhere down in Chile walking around in a drunken stupor. Or dead, but it is way less disheartening to one about to embark on a long hike if you think the mice are drunk.We laughed. I wanted to cry. But we got on with it. Sorry Chilean mice- the park did say y'all had gotten overpopulated...

We had to get going because those mountains weren't going to climb themselves... 

The day was beautiful. We ran into a group of trekkers that were possibly even more ridiculous than us. I.E. it was either day 2 or day 4 of their trek AND they were carrying around 2 liter container of FANTA. No- I did not typo. THEY HAD FANTA in the wilderness of Southern Chile! People- we are carrying around our lives on our backs, every step hurts, they have to airlift you out of the place if you get injured, AND THESE GUYS SOMEHOW HAVE FANTA. 

It ended up being a great conversation starter, continue-r, starter again, end once or twice, just to start the whole conversation over. 

How did they get it? How many did they bring? How do they carry around the extras with them? Are they drinking enough water? Do people like Fanta that much? Wait- how did they even THINK to bring Fanta in? 

We might have needed things to talk about after that much hiking. It was a beautiful day and even with the mouse, we had a great time gearing up for our last day on the trek...

Next up, we make it to the FINAL night,


  1. Looks so beautiful! I've never thought to go to Chile, but I am now interested after looking at these photos!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Oh my gosh the land there is just so vast and beautiful!! Oh fanta - i remember the commercials from when we were kids LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. This looks incredible - I'm so jealous! Thanks for sharing :) x

  4. Chile looks so beautiful! What a great trip!