Friday, January 22, 2016

But Who Will Answer... Why My Toenails Are Growing So Fast

From a Group Trip to Rome in 2009

The real title should be "help my best friend is leaving the country for a year", but sometimes you got to speak the truth. My truth? I'm saving my tears for my pillow and polishing off  a craiglist ad for a temporary best friend. 


Lady friend who will remind me hygiene is important, will answer my text messages so I don't need to WebMD all medical concerns (see title above), someone who loves to text, watch Notre Dame football, and drink wine as much as me. MUST live in America (not getting fooled twice on that one). Willing to engage in lots of banter and likes to debate the good things in life or at least which online yoga video is best. 

You see before I even decide what section of craigslist I put this under (missed connections, nanny, lost+found?), my best friend and her husband head out to travel the world for a year. EEEEK!

I'm absolutely thrilled for this journey of theirs. Whether it is volunteering in Asia, beach bumming through Central America, or splurging on a safari in Africa, they're going to see the world in a way many of us won't get the opportunity to. It's not a vacation, but an extended opportunity to see, taste, learn, and experience cultures and communities across the globe. I can't wait to hear of their mishaps, misadventures, and mistakes turned into fun surprises will fill their next 12 months. They're going to live a lifetime in the next year. 

I'm also so jealous. This incredible year isn't part of my life journey at the moment and I'm already salivating over the idea of living a teeny, tiny part of this through her. I'm a tad anxious to be losing the immediate access of someone who (although we haven't lived in the same state for 5 years) seems to be a fixture in my day to day life through text, calls, and emails. But all that pales in comparison to what I hope they experience on this mega-trip.

The woman lives to travel. Back in our study abroad days I have quite a few memories of us jumping from London to sketchy hostels across Spain (that might have shared walls with ahem adult stores) to Easter in Vatican City (where  I  one of us may have accidentally lost their passport 2 days before having an audience with the Pope) to... Okay I'm not doing myself any favors by sharing these stories. The truth she is an adventurer at heart. She isn't the same careful, somewhat shy lady I met a decade ago, but has enough spunk and street smarts to keep her head on straight while gallivanting the globe. Her and her husband are hoping to share their journey on the world in a more public way and I can't wait to brag on them if that happens.

In the meantime, send suggestions on my craigslist posting. I may be able to muster up a 7th grade glamour shot of you think that'll help sweeten my ad. Braces and big curled forehead bangs are still in, right?



  1. I hope you'll get to meet somewhere fabulous while they travel! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I would love to travel for a year-sounds so amazing! I hope you get to meet up with her somewhere!

  3. I have an old friend who is also traveling the globe for a year and her trip updates are amazing!! I'm here in the blog world if you ever want to talk :)

  4. I'm out with my Canadian address! But I will still chat with you about ND football here and there :)

  5. awww how exciting! hopefully you all can still text or use whatsapp or whatever. i was very sad when my best friend (who was american living in australia) went back home, like why didn't she want to stay with me forever? so i followed her. haha. best friends are crucial!