Wednesday, January 6, 2016

26 Days


Running track 2

Maybe I made a big ole' mistake.

Maybe I made a great decision.

Maybe it is yet to be decided.

After hemming and hawing (oh and not getting a free entry to a race a month and a half later), I just registered for my next half marathon in....

26 days.

I guess 25 by the time you read this.

So after I furiously googled '3 and a half week half marathon plans' (hint- no need to look), I went for a run, drank a beer, and am so excited about the next few weeks. No way will this be an easy or a record breaking run for me, but I'm excited to really crank up the mileage over the next few weeks and see how that goes. My goal is to be very kind and patient with myself as I am sure that the holidays and flu and the like have severely reduced my mileage. I just want to focus on enjoying the process and to enjoy the race. I have a couple big racing goals this year (one of them is to get a new half marathon PR), but this will not be it. I want this to be my PR of fun. Okay, I just made that up, but it sounds good?!?

The real kicker? And the real, real, real reason that I signed up for this? I can't wait to do this race because my mom will be participating in it as her FIRST EVER half marathon! I'm so excited and proud of her for doing it! I hope that she gets even half the joy and peace of mind (she raised 3 girls... she needs it) that racing gives to me. 

Okay before I get sappy (2 times in one week would be too much for the intrawebs), I'm off to early-early-early carbo load and foam roll my poor, sorry legs!



  1. And I was all worried about signing up for a 10K in 2.5 weeks... a half marathon in less than 30 days?! Impressive. Good luck with your training!!

  2. that is awesome--and yay for your mom! definitely enough of a reason to sign up to cheer her on!

  3. PR of fun is a great goal! That was my goal for a few different distances this past fall...nailed it!
    So exciting that this will be your mom's first half! My dad was there for every step of my first half and even though, running-wise it was my worst race ever, like by far, having him there made it one of my favorite races I've ever done. Good luck to both of you!

  4. GOOD LUCK! And your mom is doing it with you too, even better!

  5. Good luck! :) So fun your mom is doing it with you! :)

  6. I love that you're mom is running it with you! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  7. yayyy!!! congrats! and that is so awesome you'll be doing it with your mom. good luck, and when you're done, you can write that 3 week training plan ;)

  8. That's so cool yet scary all at once! I've never run a marathon of any sort and have only recently started liking running, but I do plan on maybe signing up for one race (even just a 5k) this year. Good luck on your marathon!