Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I'm Just Going To Leave This Here

As I type this 30,000 feet in the air, I’m decently certain that the bags under my eyes are larger than my carry-one. Screw that- larger than the plane. We are late night flying back home after a whirlwind wedding weekend of my very best friend.

Whoops- full disclosure! I forgot to hit publish on this post (too tired), so you're getting it a day late, but for reference I am still really tired. :

There was a lot of love, lots of tears, and so much joy that warmed the Midwest to be... not too unbearably cold through the past four days of wedding mania. Through everything, the newlyweds were the epitome of calm under fire and everyone had a blast. There were some funny moments (a random dog bounding down a hill mid photography session much to the newlyweds surprise, yoga practice gone wrong in the bridal room splashing McDonald’s coffee all over the place, and a dance floor fraternity being formed), there were some sweet moments (getting one last girl date in before the big day, watching the two of them say their vows, and hearing the friends and family rave about how perfect the duo is), and there were a couple tearful moments thrown in there as well. I’m emotionally and physically exhausted at the beginning of the work week, but so grateful for all the life jammed into the last few days.

As excited as I was for L, I was also a little nervous for her. I wanted everything to go smoothly and have her be calm and relaxed through the entire proceedings. I had nothing to be worried about... She was the calm one, while I was sleep deprived. 

 You see the day after I flew in, L and I both somehow managed to wake up at 4am. I had slept far too few hours the day before to catch an early flight and she hadn’t been sleeping well for a couple of days, so the fact that we were both awake on the eve of the eve of the wedding was ludicrous. And yet, it was so fun. We stayed up and chatted for an hour and a half in the pitch dark about nonsense, serious stuff, and everything in between. We cackled and yawned and practically begged our bodies to go back to sleep, but at the same time in my head I was wanting nothing to make it stop. L getting married doesn’t change our relationships, but this felt like the last of the slumber parties we have had the past 10 years. It felt like all the nights where I would race to bed first (so I could watch the history channel) and all the battles we had over the thermostat. Although four nights of little sleep doesn’t make me the most sane person on the planet, snorting with laughter over the years gone past made it the perfect start to see a bit into the future.

Andrew and I fit in a quick lunch date and I think he said it best when describing the wedding as just the start to a bond that we all knew was right from a long time ago. I have been saying since she was engaged, “hurry up, marriage is a ball” and now I can sit back and enjoy the two of them step into this next adventure. An adventure that didn’t start when the rings were exchanged, but has been blossoming for years. An adventure that no one knows where it will take the two of them or how they will be tested. An adventure that I cannot wait to witness.

I’m never very good with change and I’ve always been incredibly protective over L (open interrogations of previous beaus were more normal and scarring than I should admit), so I went into the weekend a tad nervous about my overactive tear ducks. I definitely shed a tear (or an ice bucket challenge of them), but seeing the smiles plastered to their faces brought so much joy. So as I type dehydrated from tears, 30,000 feet in the sky, with a to do list a mile long looming for the week, I couldn’t be happier than to have witnessed their special day.



  1. So awesome that you were able to witness their wedding and the start of their new lives together!! Hopefully you can get some rest this week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. such sweet sentiments. Glad you were able to be there!


  3. aww what an amazing time and that is so fabulous you were able to be there. hope you get some sleep :)

  4. I love that you had a fun slumber party girls night before the big day! I would prefer a night like that over an evening on the town for a bachelorette. Congrats to L!

  5. I love weddings!!! They are probably my favorite thing ever. I love them extra because now when I go to them, I kind of relive my day a little bit haha My best friend and I are both married and sometimes we have sleepovers still!! It's even more fun because they boys we talk about are our cute husbands and fun married people stuff!