Monday, December 21, 2015

Houston for the Holidays!

Not traveling this Christmas is a game changer. Seriously. It feels so nice to be spending some quality time at home and not worrying about when our flight gets in, what we need to pack, and how long we will be gone for. This past weekend, Andrew and I snuck in a lot of festive time together (doing our Christmas light run, making homemade caramels, celebrating at a work holiday party) and got to make some new holiday traditions for the two of us.

That being said, I'm a firm believer that the holidays can make people stir crazy and sometimes you need to get out of the house, stretch those legs, and spend some time with the whole family doing something new. We have some fun things planned to see parts of Houston while gathering with family and I wanted to share our top 3 recommendations on what to do over the holidays if you are in Houston!

We did this a couple years ago and it was a blast! Definitely nice to see how they deck the halls (they go all out) and nice to be at the zoo when it isn't the typical 100 degree Houston heat. The zoo is covered in over 2 MILLION lights, so it is safe to say that it is pretty festive. Zoo Lights is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but runs through the beginning of January. I recommend taking the MetroRail if at all possible to avoid the jam packed parking lots.

A couple years ago we did this tour multiple times in just a few days. They brew my favorite local beers and it is just a fun place to hang out. 10 bucks gets you 4 8oz pours and a take away glass. That is plenty for me to enjoy, but they also have snacks during the weekdays. Bring board games and just enjoy the easy atmosphere of the place. Bonus- on this Tuesday and Wednesday, you can get your picture taken with a certain Mr. Claus. They are open for their regular hours except for Christmas Day when they will be closed.

True story, Andrew and I are hoping to sneak in a date here this week! The museum is open Wednesdays through Sundays, but will close at 5pm on Christmas Eve and all day on Christmas. The Menil Collection is beautiful, admission is free, and Houston is very lucky to have a space like this in the city. I'm most excited to see their exhibition on Salvador Dali's Eggs on a Plate Without a Plate paired with other Surrealist paintings. Also, they have a great little cafe on campus, so come hungry! 

Are you doing anything new or tourist-y in your city this holiday season?


  1. Not travelling during the Christmas rush is definitely the way to go...I love only having to drive 20 minutes away!! The zoo looks like so much fun! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am SO pumped to not have to travel for Christmas this year! It is such a game changer to not have to haul all of your Christmas presents from one state to another. Love all of your Christmas in Houston options - we're taking advantage of our zoo lights tonight & I can't wait!

  3. So fun! My fam and I are off to Spain this holiday. It will definitely be a different kind of Christmas, but looking forward to the trip!

  4. i can't imagine traveling during the rush! i can barely even handle travelling when it's not crazy busy because i hate airports :(

  5. we travelled last year and came home on christmas morning, it was such a stressful day that we vowed to never do it again lol. we aren't doing anything fun in our city this year, i'll have to have a look and see if there is anything fun like the things you listed.