Thursday, December 3, 2015

Guilty TV Pleasures

Recently I went home sick from work. I dragged my butt home (walk to the metro, ride on the metro, then walk from the metro to home) and about fell face forward into my house. I was exhausted. Opening the can to heat up chicken noodle soup was a challenge. All I wanted was to rest.


But then I turned on the TV. Just for an episode, I said. I need time to eat this soup anyways, I said. Well I need to know what will happen at the end of the cliffhanger, I said. I  have to watch another one, I pleading to myself. Now all I am calling myself is a liar and a trash tv addict.

I don't know why I have this horrible habit. I will fry my brain watching idiotic television and then (like recently) look up and see that hours have passed. HOURS. Instead of going cold turkey (actually anything other than eating turkey) I decided that I should share these guilty pleasures with you. Looking for new crap TV? Look no further...

The Housewives Franchise
Man, I love these crazies. From coast to coast, from staged encounters to inibriated confessionals, I love it all. Last night was the premiere of Real House Wives of Beverly Hills and the new tag lines are too much for my housewife loving heart to handle. My favorites are Orange County, Beverly Hills, and New York- but I will/do/have to watch them all.

West Wing
Be still my beating heart. Netflix brought this glory into my life and I will never be the same. I literally will watch the series from start to finish and then restart it automatically. I still get nervous when Zoe gets kidnapped and my favorite couple of all time is Josh and Donna.

Amazing Race
True story, one of the things on Andrew and I's bucket list is to audition for this show. The advenure, the challenges, the travel. I want to do it all. Every episode we talk through if we would be good at the challenge and our strategy. Uber nerds. 

The Biggest Loser
I'm talking about the show- not me. I find the show fascinating. Part of it makes me angry that I really wonder how healthy the competition is, but most of me is oddly fascinated. Warning however- this show like Hoarders, makes me feel like I am one hamburger and trip to Goodwill away from being a contestant on the show...

Sister Wives
Yeah I shouldn't admit this one. I did cleverly hide it near the end of the list, however. HOW DOES THIS WORK? HOW CAN 4 WOMEN SHARE A HUSBAND? AND WHY?!? It is like watching paint dry while the house catches on fire. Most of the episodes are pretty darn boring, but then you're reminded of what they are doing and you have no idea what is going on. Alas, they are happy and I am happy watching the show.

I am a couple episodes behind due to some travel, but I'm digging this new ABC show. The characters are engaging, more representative than most TV (not perfect, but we are working on that), and has a lot of twists and turns.

Okay enough of my pathetic TV problem habit, what are some of your favorite show?


  1. i'm also watching quantico and although the main character is hella annoying, i'm also hooked!!!

  2. Yes... Quantico! I'm slightly addicted to that one and the one that comes on right before it (Blood & Oil). Such good shows!

  3. I've only seen Biggest Loser on this list! Right now, my husband and I are watching The Man in the High Castle (it's on Amazon Prime), and I'm obsessed with Blindspot :)

  4. haha i watched sister wives a couple of times because i was obsessed with say yes to the dress and they always advertised sister wives during that show. it was so confusing though! and i have never seen the west wing, but i only just heard about it after listening to rob lowe's book. my lamest tv show that i like is once upon a time. KC says 'oh you're watching that crappy show with crappy actors, except for that one guy I like?' lol. Yes. Shut up.

  5. I never got into any of the housewife shows but everyone around me seems to love them!! It's crazy how hours can pass by while watching reality TV. My favourites are the Kardashians and Teen Mom!

  6. I am so shamelessly addicted to Real Housewives. Hulu has a parody series called the Real Hotwives and it is hilarious. Each woman is like a hybrid of several of the actual housewives and it kills me how accurate it is. I watched that for a while in between Real Housewives seasons and when I went back to the real show, honestly it was like I was still watching the parody. They're all so ridiculous but I just can't stop watching.