Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas Letters

someone list naughty

This post was stolen brought to you by the lovely Kristen who credits Alyssa. 

Dear Christmas Tree- Sorry that you are still topless, but I have a feeling that you will continue our tradition of not having a tree topper again this year. I halfheartedly looked while I was out this weekend, but meh. You look a little silly. But you're a tree in a house for goodness sakes. Love, Shay

Dear Christmas Wish List- A few weeks ago I didn't really have anything I knew I wanted, which I'm now very sorry for. Apparently this weekend you exploded. I was walking through stores being like I want that one, I need that one, that needs to come home with me noooooow. Too little, too late. Love, Regretful Shay

Dear Homemade Caramels- You're a jerk. Do you know how much time and energy I spent on you? For nothing. One batch didn't set. One batch was too hard. My candy thermometer is done. My pans are going need to soak for days. I've cursed at you, I've sweet talked you, I've begged you- you are a jerk. Love, Angry Shay

Dear Weather- Why are you one million degrees? Christmas and 82 degrees that is not a real thing that I need to see, feel, or sweat. Can't you give us a jolly 50 degrees? Love, Hopeful Shay

Dear Dollar Store Wrapping Paper- You stink. I wasted a dollar on you. Love, Cheapo Shay

Dear 80s Christmas Station on Pandora- You're the best ever. Thank you for rocking your way through my work days recently. I appreciate you and don't know how I can repay you. Love, Musical Shay


  1. Haha yes the mall can be a dangerous place for your wishlist if you didn't have anything on it! We also don't have a real tree topper but I'm totally fine with it! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. ugh i hate dollar store wrapping paper. i have one from costco that cost me $15 and i bought it YEARS ago; like 8 years ago and i still have a roll! also, the paper quality is legit.

  3. Ohhhhh I've been there with the caramels...a total Pinterest fail for me!

  4. Lol what a cute idea.

    I don't know what your dollar store is but the paper I got at our dollar store was actually pretty awesome. I even found Star Wars wrapping paper that was in Christmas colors. For a buck. My other wrapping paper all came from a discount grocery store and I didn't spend more than $2 on each roll. maybe I just got lucky?

    Have you ever heard of 8tracks? That's where I've been listening to all my christmas music :D

  5. haha that gif. our tree is topless as well! good to know about dollar store wrapping paper, i'll stay away.