Thursday, December 31, 2015

12 Months, 12 Adventures, 12 Sentences

It seems like 2015 happened in a flash and a million years. I can't believe how much has changed, but also how many adventures we have gotten the opportunity to participate in. I hope that 2016 brings as much adventure, wanderlust, and love... but maybe fewer run-on sentences.

Here is our year of adventure in 12 sentences (kinda).


We took our first wedding anniversary camping trip to the incredibly beautiful Channel Islands National Park off the coast of Southern California (which felt like a million miles away from the hustle and bustle).


For the most romantic (and exhausting) Valentine's date/ prep for Chile, Andrew and I hiked the Bridge to Nowhere in Southern California; the hike was beautiful, hot, and included me sliding on my rump down a cliff/ falling in all the water while trying to cross.


Trekking through Patagonia in Chile was a trip we will never forget from sleeping next to glaciers, befriending penguinos, hiking through some of the most beautiful landscape I've ever seen, and surviving eating dehydrated food for too many days in a row- this was the most challenging, but rewarding adventure this year.


As one of our last hoorahs with California friends, we spent a beautiful and libatious weekend in Temecula, California wine tasting, making memories, and soaking up the last bit of California sunshine.


May 1st we popped into our overloaded car turned uHaul and made our way to our new home in Houston, but we couldn't leave the wild west without a stop to the Grand Canyon, which was beautiful beyond words for a newbie like me.


Quite possibly one of the highlights of the year was meeting the sweetest and newest of the clan with a quick trip cross country that (oops) coincided with my first day of work; the trip was phenomenal and very tear filled (in this case I wasn't the ONLY one crying).


We bought a house- WHHHHAT- and then spent the next (oh who am I kidding) rest of our lives transforming the place from a 1970s love den to our home!


To celebrate a big birthday and a big family move, we spent the beginning of August outside of Denver, Colorado for a phenomenal weekend (although the 60 degree temps were not quite the 100 degree weather we were used to).


September brought the ND (my alma mater) vs. Texas (Andrew's alma mater) football game and the baptism of the newest on the clan (possibly ND class of 2037?) at one of my favorite places in the world... oh and an Irish win!


Although this adventure was spent in Texas, it felt like a faraway place when we celebrated the wedding of good friends with a traditional Indian wedding... I still salivate when thinking about the food.


November brought a trip back to Colorado to cheers my very best friend getting married with a bachelorette brewery trip; we survived, but other than that you will hear few details from me.


December started out rough with a flu that knocked me out for a solid couple weeks, but nothing could stop us from enjoying a beautiful and love filled wedding of my very best friend and a pretty sweet tour of the capital in Madison, Wisconsin.


  1. I am so jealous of all of your awesome traveling!! What an exciting year!! xox

  2. what a fabulous year! can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you :) happy NYE!