Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Workout Regime Post Non-Race Race

gym gym fail elliptical dancing fail

Full disclosure: I'm typing this post with my arms freakishly close to my sides. Why you ask? If I move them to a more relaxed position, they feel like they will fall off from soreness. I'm pretty sure this new trait was due to a gross number of push ups and body weight exercises that my body was tricked into doing recently, but I could have been attacked in my sleep with no recollection.

What I do know is that pain does not end with an endurance training cycle; it only tricks that you are physically fit. I am the limping example of that. Monday I snuck in a cross training class at work that I have heard glowing recommendations about. One of my coworkers swears by it, but now I know that she just wanted to hear me swear up and down through the class.

Ow, my body. Ow, that is hurting my soul. Ow, too much hurt. Owwww, I will hurt for years to come. Ow, I think I'm dead.

No joke, this class made me sore while I was STILL IN THE CLASS. IS THAT A REAL THING? Also, please appreciate that using the all caps button made it harder for my to type. The things I sacrifice for the internet.

I can't say that I think I will be able to eat 12 burgers and still button my pants, but I do hope the instructor got a big long laugh out of my 'participation'. He should have taken a video and posted it or something because there is no way that my spastic mock exercises wouldn't be interesting to watch. All that being said, the class was awesome! I will totally go back again even if I never heal from the pain self inflicted on myself.

My fitness regimen is in a bit of flux right now. I'm planning on running a half in January, a 10k in a couple of weeks, and really vamping up yoga practice right now. 

Here is what the last week looked like:

W- 3 miles outside at lunch
Th- Cross and strength training + group fitness abs class at work
F- Nada
Sa- 4 hilly miles
Su- 6 flatter than flat miles
M- Cross training class that hurt everything
T- Yoga Self Practice
W- (hopefully) Run before work... I'm hoping that writing this will be my motivation to actually do it...

Nothing too exciting, but not to shabby either. Are you planning a workout regimen for the holiday seasons?



  1. i workout 6 days a week, holiday season or not. i would do 7 days but my body is old and my joints would not be able to handle one more day of punishing muay thai training without a day of rest. i am like, 20 years too late for this sport!

  2. Haha, I learned this fall that just because I write it down to be done doesn't mean I'm actually going to do it. Oops! But I'm hoping that between tapering down/running my half in December that I pick back up on the strength training for the holidays. Something to keep me moving that doesn't involve running!

  3. I've gone to one class like that and it was pretty much how you described it haha!
    I'm with Kathy - I work out 6 days a week whether I'm training for something specific oralnot. Any less than that and the crazies start to set in, and that's no good for anyone. Even though I still work out the same number of days, my actual time and volume is WAY lower than it was when I was HIM training so I basically feel like I'm doing nothing. Which is ridiculous, but...perspective. I'm for sure running the Big Sur Marathon in April and considering another marathon about a month before that (meaning that what I'm doing, like, now is technically training for that), but I've got a hip issue going on that I want to clear up before I get too deep into any new training cycle.

  4. oh my gosh, i can't stop watching that gif.
    i have gained a bit of weight recently, and lost a lot of muscle so i really need to get back into those classes that suck but are also awesome haha. but really.. i normally slack off during the holidays and i really need to not do that this year. here's hoping!