Monday, November 23, 2015

My Life in iPhone Photos...

As I'm typing this (30,000 feet in the sky) I'm yawning because man oh man have the last 2 weeks been full of excitement. The boxes on the calendar seem to have flown by being jam packed with surprises, work, some travel, and a little bit of everything else. Before we get back to regularly scheduled programming, I want to share some photos of the madness around here recently because nothing is more real than some iPhone snaps and traveling induced manic commenting.


A couple of Mondays ago, Andrew finished yet another one of our home projects and now we have this planterbox on our patio full of 8 different herbs waiting for me to kill them. I will say this was probably the quickest home improvement project we have completed to date- all in less than a couple hours. And you see that picket fence, well that is to keep Cal from playing gardener... again. We've been enjoying the fresh herbs and how it decorated an empty section of our patio into something cute and useful.


Then the very next night (also the same day as the electrician's visit due to some home improvement projects gone... typical) my sisters, father, and I hosted a surprise party for my mom. Forgive me for the blurry photo, but she had no idea it was coming. It made me so grateful to be back in Texas and be a part of the festivities. It was also the first time we had that big of a group over for anything and we made it through unscathed. And VERY tired for work the next day.


Speaking of work, Andrew and I were lucky enough to go to my work's gala that week. Coming from my previous background in development/ fundraising- they pulled out all the stops for an incredible night. Over 1400 people attended an evening that highlighted some of the best and inspired everyone for the future. Also it was a heck of a good time. Resulting in another very tired morning at the office.



The very next day, Andrew and I joined his folks at one of their yearly haunts- Wurstfest in New Braunfels. I had never been before and it didn't disappoint. The music, food, and atmosphere were fantastic and it was great to go with pros who knew all the places we should be when.


The next day we went for a little daytime date before heading back to Houston. It was great to spend some time just the two of us and enjoy a lazy afternoon.

The next week at work and home was a complete blur with more home improvement projects, a lot more planning, and a busy time at work. I had to fit a fully week into 3 days because I caught a plane to go see my favorite mini-human in the world.


Just chilling getting her photo taken...


My older sister had a birthday and I tagged along as 3.5 wheel (sitting in a high chairs = .5 status) for a celebratory dinner. Seeing this family makes my heart melt and makes me want a lot more frequent flyer miles. 


Then just a couple short days later, I squeezed those cheeks one last time, shed just a small tear, and packed my bags yet again for another stop...

A stop that I have been working to plan for quite some time.

A stop that included copious amounts of glitter and maybe a bedazzled fanny pack.

A stop that miles, weather, and everything else couldn't keep us away...


That pretty little lady is getting married in a few short weeks and we cheers-ed the home brewer with a weekend of brewery tours in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was awesome and I can't wait to share our favorite libations from the trip in a future post.  It made my heart happy to see her enjoying a girls trip and female camraderie before her big day. We shed quite a few cheers tears and I am already itching to see my best gal again. 
Displaying f1.1.jpg
Displaying f1.1.jpg
Then I needed a bit more sister, brother in law, and baby time and spent one last fun afternoon watching baby drool, working on standing (and safe falling), and being completely wrapped around the finger of this little one. In an effort to work on my photography, I snapped a couple quick photos (not iphone this time) and then was off to the airport.

4+ hours later, I boarded a plane back to H-Town and am typing this while barely staying awake. Although the past couple of weeks have been exhausting, I am excited to have a few more big things coming down the pipeline over the next month.

So please send caffeine to my office, an extra alarm clock to mi casa, and no traffic on the drive home...



  1. Oh my gosh girl - you've been non-stop but look at all those memories made! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Oh girl...just reading this is making my tired! So many fun things, though!!!

  3. Oh my goodness! So many happenings! Sometimes those exhausting whirlwind trips really are the best though! Love it :)

  4. i love all the pics!!! that one of your and your little wee niece is the best. i want to pinch those cheeks :)

  5. You are DEFINITELY busy, lady! Hope you had a safe flight and that your mini garden is doing well!

  6. you have such a cute niece!! what a jam packed trip!

  7. Oh my goodness... your niece!!! She is so stinking cute I could eat her up!!!!