Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Currently 11.4.15

Currently Experiencing: Bloggers Block. I can't seem to be able to start, continue, or finish any of the ideas I have flowing in my head. I want to finish off the Chilean Adventure recaps, share another home improvement foray, and spill the beans on my best friend's bachelorette party that I'm planning but as much as I will it to happen, it just won't. So you have this instead.

Currently Planning: THAILAND! Man oh man, my mind is wandering there on a daily basis it seems. We have out dates picked and most of the big stuff decided upon, but haven't pulled the trigger to start booking things... yet. Now I should be a little more motivated since the last time that I delayed, I messed up big time.

Currently Watching: I totally vegged out on the couch the other night and watched all of This is Life with Lisa Ling. I thought it was well done, interesting, and at times pretty emotional. I downright bawled during the Fatherless Towns episode about a father/ daughter dance in an Ohio jail. Like I cried so hard Andrew kept asking me if I was okay... I definitely recommend the series.

Currently Realizing: A lot of big stuff is coming up. Holidays, weddings, travel, the Texas bar for Andrew, big work stuff for me. Looking at the next couple months, I feel overwhelmed and maybe spread a little too thin. The good news is I started a new routine for the month of November that I hope will help the mindfulness aspect of all these exciting things coming up. When the bloggers block takes a break, I can't wait to share.

Currently Reading: Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead For an unknown reason, I had no interest in this when it came out. Even the tagline 'lean in' became annoying to me, but I've heard good things about the book so I snagged it at the library this week.

Currently Regretting: Returning our books late to the library. Mea culpa. Oooops. But still, support your local library.

Currently Sweating: But not as much as before. I'm loving my new training plan until the Turkey Trot 10k and how much cross training I'm getting to fit in! It feels good to have a little more flexibility in the routine, but still have enough mileage to not get runners restless.

Currently Eating: Trying these lasagna rollups this week! I also sat down a couple of days ago with a pile of cookbooks (told you I had bloggers block) to thumb through and earmark some new recipes to try. I love cookbooks! They are my favorite way to commemorate a trip and I think they look so nice displayed in the kitchen, but I tend to stick to Pinterest for recipe ideas. Hopefully this will help!

Currently Laughing: Hard. Really hard. You know how at most races the organizers give you a commemorative t-shirt? So we have quite a few in our house- one of each the slim cut female kind and one male cut version. Somehow (with a recent load of laundry?) my women's shirt, which is the identical color, ended up in Andrew's closet. He grabbed a set of work out clothes for the gym by his office and ended up having to work out in an extra tight, v-neck women's shirt at the gym. I really wanted a picture, but he was unwilling. Regardless, I needed that laugh.

Currently Shopping: I would love to get a head start on holiday shopping, but in the meantime am looking for shoes for my best friend's wedding. I'm thinking these...

What is new in your neck of the woods?


  1. THAILAND!! nice. my bestie is going to thailand and the first thing i said to her was: i hope you know you're going to be bringing me back a bunch of muay thai stuff (it's so cheap there!)

  2. I'm totally with you on the bloggers block... hope it passes soon! Love the t-shirt mix up in your household this week :)

  3. hahahaha at him wearing your shirt - hilarious! i love cookbooks as well, but rarely actually use them. i really should! pinterest is just easier. thailand!! how exciting. lasagna rollups?! yum.

  4. Bloggers block happens to the best of us. Definitely don't force it or it'll get worse. There's certainly nothing wron with a currently post.

    I'm excited for your trip to Thailand! That's sounds amazing. The farthest I've been out of the US is Vancouver so I'm completely jealous of all the awesome international flights everyone is taking.

    Mmm. Lasagna rollups. I made them once with a spinach lasagna served with a spring green salad with candied pecans and cut strawberries. Yum.

  5. LOL at the shirt! That is so so funny! Too bad he wouldn't let you get a photo! Can't wait to hear more about your upcoming trip to Thailand when you book it!

  6. For having writers block, this is a great post!! Seriously Thailand will be AMAZING. Please ride an elephant for me!! :) And you will NOT regret those lasagna rollups. They are SO good and a husband pleaser for sure! hahaha awh I hate late book fees at the library, it's the worst! One time I had a book checked out for like 3 years (oops.. I was like 9) and luckily when I went in 3 years later, they didn't make me pay the fee. PHEW!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. I have to get my butt in gear and plan things for our trip in February too!! I haven't made lasagna roll ups in months - thanks for reminding me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Hahahahahahah... the shirt at the gym. That is AWESOME!