Friday, November 6, 2015

A Day of Photos... Well Kinda

Remember the bloggers block? Guys... I had such a good idea. No,  I didn't magically get gifted with tons of content that started flowing out of my finger tips, but I did have a good idea. I was walking to the metro to get to work and I thought 'I have it- I'll just steal from posts I've seen'! Instead of writing about the banalities of my day, I could iPhone document them. 

Full disclosure, the banalities of the day. I seriously in another life must have been a stalker because my love affair with a good voyeuristic view into other people's days is creepy. This is your warning, you may be in for a snooze fest unless you (like me) could moonlight as a private investigator. We moved like a mile away from a spy shop and ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO SEE WHAT THEY HAVE IN THE STORE. But then again, I think some weird personality quirks should be left undeveloped. I am probably one bad day and 2 strong drinks from trying to solve some sort of mystery that would undoubtedly leave me behind bars. 

Back to the topic of full disclosure...  So I thought it was a great idea to photo document a day, but then I forgot what I was doing around lunchtime. Yes, a whopping 5 hours in, I dropped the ball. I considered just acting like my day ended at 12:30, but decided I would try again the next day. And then... I forgot again. So I may not be Lisa Ling, but here are some photos of 2 days in the life, very unedited, not so glamorous, and hopefully a step away from bloggers block.

My view leaving the metro in the AM. I walk for about 15 minutes (thank goodness the summer heat is over) and then take the metro a few stops to avoid the crazy traffic. Instead of the crazy traffic, I just get to meet all sorts of crazy different people. This day alone someone asked me for money, asked me on a date, and (my personal favorite) refused to stop man-spread so that I couldn't sit forward in the seat, but had to tilt my body so far into the aisle that I all I wanted to do was shout the injustice to the world. I didn't. Again, I don't think I should be behind bars- especially for disturbing the peace, although I feel strongly he is wrong. I also realize that this amount of anger is not normal in the AM and I should try to stop convincing myself that I will one day magically become a morning person. Just a normal commute.

I successfully make it to my office without a new date OR a misdemeanor charge. Success. Once I get settled I down a large water and a full mug of tea while trying to get organized for a day of meetings, meetings, and more meetings. 

One meeting down, about 42 to go before quitting time. Ooops, I'm already back at the coffee machine caffeinating. I make a mental note to stop the IV of caffeine before I start shaking, but forget what I was thinking about by the time that I make it back to my office.

Head to a presentation our team was leading for a new hospital and snap a quick photo. I swear it was more impressive in person because of the curve of the 30 foot long window, but realize that my iphotography skills are not up to par. 

Ooops- so then I forgot to take photos. The rest of the day went like this: the team went out for a nice work lunch, had another meeting, took a wellness class for work, tried to get a grip on the actual work that wasn't getting done because of all the meetings, quick meeting, snuck in a quick cardio session, and then went to an ab class that left me doubled over the next day, and then got serious about the growing number of things that had to get done ASAP. I will say that none of those photos would have been very good anyways. When I got home, Andrew and I worked on another home improvement project leaving my nails looking pretty darn cute. Then it was bed time.

It would be factually accurate if I said- I woke up like this. Precious little Cal, anxious for his walk, wanted to make sure that the day was ready to begin for all of us. Cal 1 Humans 0. I did some yoga, ate some breakfast, walked to the metro, and headed into another day of meetings, meetings, and more meetings at work.

We had some visiting guests, so we toured them across the campus including everything from our concert series, specialized artist healthcare team, MITIE training labs, and then finally to a clinic at one of Houston's largest arts organizations. Sometimes it is nice to have a day where you get to show off all of the incredible things about an organization.

I ended the work day with catching the end of a pianist performance while working on some ongoing projects. Coming from an arts organization, I was a little nervous about working in a hospital setting (even while my job is still in the arts), but some days I know I am exactly where I need to be. While answering email and making to-do lists, I saw a couple with a freshly minted baby leave for the hospital for the first time as a new family. Watching their joy made me tear up. It was the perfect way to end a day. 

Then back waiting for the metro. Luckily this time I was not asked for money, asked on a date, and I even could sit facing the right direction. The small things in life matter on a Thursday afternoon.

I read a little more Lean In on the metro ride home. I'm definitely enjoying the book, but still have some hit or miss strong reactions to parts of the premise.

For dinner, I whipped up a quick shimp and veggie lo mein while Andrew ran to the store. Andrew making a solo run to the store is always a precarious situation. Sending him to get one thing, he will (undoubtably) come home with 12 items. I love that man dearly, but I don't know if he will ever appreciate a grocery budget as much as I manically do.

Foot in mouth. Husband came home with flowers. I look like jerk. I ask myself why do I always look like like a jerk? The answer is... I apparently must BE a jerk. The frequency of jerk occurrence is too high to be anything but statistically significant at this point. Real talk, though. Fresh flowers and burning candles in our home are 2 small treats that make me so at hope and at peace. Even in grad school with no time for laundry, an inability to cook a meal that didn't start from a can, and super glued to my planner at all times, these small pleasures made me human again.

Then we played a rowdy game of bananagrams (I'm a pro, by the way) before embarking on blogging and work and dishes and puppy wrangling.

You made it to the end? Wow, I applaud you on your ability to make it through. I hope to be back next week with some content that I don't cringe at pushing publish.

Till then, I hope you all have weekends as wonderful as you are!


  1. Loved getting this look into your every day life!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. your desk is so organized and desk at work always looked like a bomb went off!

  3. Fun post idea... love the everyday life shots.

  4. I like daily life posts! It's fun to get a peak into what normal life looks like :)

  5. bahahaha the flowers.
    i love posts like this! i have thought about doing one a million times but always forget.
    that veggie and shrimp lo mein looks ahhhhmazing.

  6. How rude that the guy didn't let you sit properly! Hopefully that wasn't the same guy that asked you out LOL! Also, we should play each other in Bananagrams. I love it too!

  7. Wow such a fun post idea, love getting a peak into every day life. Love the flowers, and you are definitely not a jerk ;-)

    Green Fashionista