Monday, October 26, 2015

Rainy Racing Recap

Well folks, I had my rain clothes lined up, carbo loaded like it was my job, and stayed off my feet as much as possible on Saturday for our big race on Sunday. You may remember that since moving back to Texas 6 months ago running has been hard. The humidity, the life changes, the actual training itself has been frustrating. Then I had a great run a couple weeks back that brought things into perspective. This race would not be a new PR, but all I wanted was to make it fun!. Training clarifies things in all sorts of arenas of my life and I was excited to be running with Andrew and some friends. I was getting the race day butterflies, I was planning out some pretty sweet jams, and had committed to relishing the rain instead of dreading it.

But the race and weather had different plans.

Yep. Cancelled. And it was a great decision. It rained and rained and rained. Streets flooded, the bayou (which was our race route) was way over safe levels, and parts of downtown (also on the route) had raw sewage leak into the streets. I'm a runner, but oh heck no I don't want to be a part of that. So instead of waking up early to run in the trails of Hurricane Patricia, we spent the day doing house projects and binge watching a West Wing marathon (TV marathons are close to the real thing...). 

The thing is I just don't really know what to do. After 6 years of consistent racing, this is a new first for me! Never have I had a race cancelled. So I honestly don't even know what happens now. Maybe I will run it on my own. Maybe I won't. Do we get our medals? Do I want the medal? Should I buy myself those new pair of running shoes that I have been promising myself? I don't know, but I made sure to celebrate though.

For me racing isn't about crossing the finish line (which is great), but it is about the time, intensity, and miles that you put in to get there. Having the race cancelled is a tad sad, but more so for the friends that we convinced to run their first half with us. They won't get that moment of accomplishment that comes with the first time one finishes. All I can hope is that they are down for the next one- whenever that may be!

So any runners out there have experience with a cancelled race?


  1. Oh no - I hope they change the date and let you guys race - but champs is always a good idea! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. my husband's cycling race was cancelled one time due to bad weather and they usually just refund the money if racers can't find another race to do in place of the cancelled one.

  3. Oh no! I hate that your race was cancelled but it sounds like they made a good decision to cancel it. I'm curious to see what they'll do about it.

  4. oh my goodness! i'm sorry your race was cancelled, but floods and raw sewage? sounds like they made the right call. i have never had a race cancelled either... i'd be curious to see what they do as well. postpone it?

  5. Oh no! That is such a huge bummer but it definitely sounds like the right call. I just had a race get canceled a couple weeks ago because of Hurricane Joaquin, and I had one canceled last year for security reasons (it was being held at a naval station shortly after the Fort Hood shooting and there were new security measures and not enough time to screen everyone who would be coming for the race). Neither of them were primary races that I had been training for though, so I don't know what I would do in that case! I know the most recent one that was canceled for me was postponed, and they also gave several options to transfer entry to one of the company's other upcoming races, which is what I did since the reschedule date was the same day as my half Ironman. I hope they come up with some solution! I know they usually make you sign a waiver that there are no refunds even if it's canceled, but I think it's a nice gesture to not just be like sorry we had to cancel, sucks for you!

  6. Hopefully they reschedule the race but it's good that you stayed safely inside. The news makes Patricia sounds like a mean mean hurricane! PS- is that henna on your hand? It's beautiful!