Monday, October 19, 2015

Dancing Shoes

This post brought to you from my couch. Legit. My body might leave a forever indention on this couch. Because it is Sunday night and I'm tired. It feels like today is a Thursday evening after a stressful week at work with only 1 day left of the work week left, but alas. It is not that.

Why am I so tired? Because we had a weekend long wedding adventure. Last night I broke out the dancing shoes (very different than the not so comfortable, but very cute non-dancing shoes) for a pretty great time on the dance floor. I won't even lie when I say I married the best dance partner in the world. You want to be spun around. He does it. Want to be picked up? He does it. Want a hilarious version of the dougie. He does that. I swear, the second the lights go down, he moonlights as a dancing... I want to write queen, but I also don't want him to change the locks on our home before I get back from work.

So I'll skip past this and share with you a little about our own wedding. I self-proclaim love weddings. I love love. I love celebration. I love a good time to see old friends. I just love weddings. That is all a precursor for me saying that planning our wedding was not the most fun experience. While we were planning, I felt like the whole world was out to get you sucked into the wedding industry. You must buy these napkin rings or your whole life will be sad and lonely. You need these special bridal bobby pins or you will be a horrible disappointment to everyone. You don't have the perfectly not cliche song planned for your first dance? Why get married at all. Part of this is in jest and part of this was so darn true.

I found the experience to place a lot of pressure on me and completely leave Andrew out of the picture. Screw the groom, I need to find the perfect shape of lavender to match the tablecloths to the bridesmaids' dresses. True story- no perfect shades of lavender were found (or were used in the wedding... fyi).We think our wedding was amazing, but a lot of those bridal boxes were left unchecked and no one noticed.

But there were bumps along the road. One of those bumps led to a restless night, a night long google search, and a pair of shoes. Let me set the scene. It was October 2013 and our wedding was 2 and a half months away. Most of the big things were planned and having an artistic background the vision for most everything was done. We weren't really overwhelmed with planning because life was a lot more overwhelming. Andrew was in his 3rd year of law school and I was eyeball deep in a work project funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. It was a phenomenal experience to activate vacant spaces with art experiences, but it was all immersive. Within less than 2 months, we hosted over a dozen of these A LOT days and I felt like I was on a neverending merry go round of work. Days blended into the next days, work days blended into weekends (without batting an eye), and my life was spent at work. 

The good news about all of this was that between Andrew studying and me working all the time, the times that we got to spend together were not focused on the wedding, but on being together, planning (hahaha) a marriage, and relying on each other for support. I knew I would marry Andrew from the first day we actually started dating, but the few months before our wedding I realized that I had picked a perfect match. He worked endlessly to support me/ my work projects and was constantly positive. It also meant that while we were spending all waking hours on work, neither of us were spending any money on life things.

Most everything was purchased, but wedding shoes. I didn't have time to go shoe shopping or even paint my toes. I was exhausted and just knew I needed something to cover my feet. It was a long day at work, with an A LOT event ending around midnight, and I needed to be back at another A LOT event around 6am. I was tired. When I got back to my studio apartment I heated up a TJs frozen meal and debated a melatonin. I really wanted to just fall asleep and be dead to the world, but I was jacked up on adrenaline. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep even with melatonin, so I made myself some sleepy time tea and crawled into bed. 

I tried to meditate.

I tried some yoga.

I slammed the tea back and then made another cup.

I watched tv.

I stared at the wall.

I couldn't sleep. 

It isn't too uncommon for me to have problems sleeping. When I'm stressed my body thinks the best way to deal with that is to not sleep. Which in turn can be stressful for your mind to crave sleep and your body be laughing at the thought of it. 

I'd been down this path many, many times and for some reason that night just accepted it. Well, it is 2:30am and I need to start getting ready in an hour and a half- what should I do? Plan our wedding. Surprisingly decisions are very easy to make when you are that tired. You don't really weigh the options, you just say, "yes I want that, I will do it now".

Enter these babies. Kate Space Charm Shoes.

I loved them. They were fun. They were cute. And it was nearing 3am. 

The problem was that they were also pretty pricey (in my opinion) for someone with a non-profit salary marrying a law school student. Then I used my MBA to whip up some financial analysis. I opened my budget and then opened my financial tracking (think MINT or in my case a personal tracking excel sheet) and realized that all of my non-working hours were spent sleeping. So I checked my math and put most of the money I hadn't been spending in the fun categories like entertainment and miscellaneous into savings and then used the rest to purchase the shoes. I will say it is one of my favorite 3am decisions ever. 

You can't really go spend a night out on the town and wear a wedding dress. Or hit up the grocery store and don a veil. That is just weird. 

But now I love wearing these shoes to weddings or date nights as a subtle ode to our wedding. So this weekend while celebrating the newlyweds, I shared my own shoe happiness with their special day.

All photos courtesy of Jackie Ray Photography.

Ever made a good or bad shopping decision in the middle of the night?


  1. Super, super cute shoes and perfect to wear for a fun date or to another wedding unlike a lot of white wedding shoes that never get worn again! Hope you get some rest this week after the wedding weekend!

  2. I love these shoes! & I love that you continue to wear them after the fact :)

  3. um, those shoes are amazing!! i love that you can wear them so much. i'm also jealous of your dancing partner. KC loves to dance, but he's not a twirl and dip kinda guy. Plus, we are the same height which makes it hard to spin someone lol

  4. The shoes are perfect! I made sure to choose wedding shoes I'd be able to wear again and they always bring back fun memories when I wear them!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I love those sparkly, cute, glittery, shoes. I wish I would wear shoes like that. After 20+ years in boots, and now only tennis shoes. My feet would never let it happen. Those shoes are an investment in fun. How fun to take them out??? LOVE

  6. ADORABLE! You were a stunning bride and I love that you wear them for other special occasions now as a reminder of a happy once in a lifetime memory! :D

  7. How fun that your husband is a dancing machine at weddings!! Getting my husband to dance is like pulling teeth, and even then, he usually only agrees to slow dancing. Your shoes are gorgeous! Looks like you make very good decisions at 3am haha