Friday, October 9, 2015

5 for Friday- 5 Things from Trader Joe's That You Should Be Eating Right Now


Earlier this week, Andrew asked me a question out of nowhere. Out of absolutely nowhere. He asked what is the most #basic thing that I think I do? So first I wondered how he was staying up with the young people talk and then I got concerned... What did he think that I did that was the most basic? Does he have a running list? Was this an intervention? 

I for one don't think I'm basic. I'm not put together enough to rock the blanket scarf and layered look. I'm too cheap to pay good money for my daily caffeine fix. And the thought of getting my bagel scooped (did you know this was a thing?!?) makes me want to cry at night. Correction- cry loudly. Why on Earth people would do that is beyond me.

I even considered taking this How Basic Are You Quiz, but after getting to number 7 I thought it was the lamest thing I have ever done and couldn't proceed. Yes, to all you naysayers out there- maybe that is basic in itself.

 My answer to what I think was the most basic thing I do is two fold: meal plan and Trader Joes. Oh yes, you may not have me at pumpkin spice lattes, or pumpkin spice pancakes, or pumpkin spice beer, but I love a good TJs more than should be admitted. This is my basic battle cry.

Yep, we have sunk to a new low. I'm going to be real-real with you today. I love the adventurous Pinterest recipes, I love trying new foods, but I get some supreme joy out of having some of the same-ole-same-ole around the house. Sometimes flipping on the TV and nomming on something delicious from TJs is better than a real dinner. Sometimes when I walk into TJ's, birds sing and heaven opens up. Sometimes I don't exaggerate. 

To show you my support for these special 'sometimes', I want to share with you the 5 things you will always, always, always see in my cart at TJs. Since none of these items have a fighting chance of lasting more than 10 minutes in my home, all these pictures are sourced from other web sources; click for details.

These are my jam. A- they are so affordable! B- they are very colorful! C- they make me feel fancy. My favorite recipe is to try them in this Watermelon and Tomato Salad- delicious and nutritious. 

2) Honey Goat Cheese

You want to bring a little sweetness to your salad? Impress with your cheese plate? Or maybe just eat a whole log of this with your bare hands and call it dinner? Then congrats, we are the same person. This stuff is delicious. Buy it, love it, don't look at the serving size. Or do- just don't tell me.

I have a good story to share some time about my first adventure with Two Buck Chuck, but this is where my less than 5 dollar wino heart lies currently!. I consider myself a sommelier of very cheap affordable wine and I love this as an option for white. It isn't too sweet, but has a nice lightness about it. Also being from Chile is working in its favor after Andrew and I's recent adventure.

Pizza night is no joke in my house. One of our family traditions since we got married was to make homemade pizza any Friday night that we stay in. Homemade crust baked on a pizza stone with whatever adventurous toppings we find. We get to catch up, chill out, and eat all the deliciousness. I don't think we have ever ordered a pizza unless other people were there (and even in that case, it happened one time). So I can be a pizza snob. All that being said- I love this pizza. It is the perfect size. It cooks up the right combo of crispy and dough-y. It is also absolutely zero work. Need a quick dinner- throw these babies in your cart. 

Okay well the list is going to actually be 6 things because my love for TJs runs deep...

100 calories, delicious, and strategically placed by the check out line. Need I say anymore?

Too good to be true right here. This treat comes in a 6-pack and I am not even lying when I say, Andrew gets none of these. I hide them in my desk at work for when I need a little treat. Straight up the (popcorn) nectar of the gods.

So here is my desperate plea... What are your TJ faves? Send me your picks and I will happily try them!

Happy Weekend!


  1. home made pizza tastes SO MUCH BETTER than ordered/premade! we also did pizza every friday night with the fam but since we went grain free, cauliflower crust pizza is SO MUCH WORK and frankly, so not the same LOL.

  2. I spent all of last year living directly across the street from a Trader Joe's... like walk down my apartment stairs, across the street, into the TJ. But you know what? The only things I ever purchased from there were flowers, beer, and some bread. I think that I missed out on a lot!

  3. I'm always up for some trader joes favorites and their goat cheese is amazing!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. my favourite thing from trader joes.. i forget what they are called, they are like puffed corn i think, some kind of sour cream and onion flavour? absolutely amazing, will eat the entire bag in one sitting. i will have to check those tomatoes out, i love tomatoes in alllllll forms.

  5. My favorite thing from Traders Joes is my son, he works there. There is not a Trader Joes in Memphis (crying again) However I did hear that they are breaking ground in December for one only about ten minutes away. So I am overly excited in the fact that my son may move here....Have a great day and your choices look so delicious.

  6. Wait what the heck is getting your bagle scooped? haha all this new basic lingo! Teach me! I took the test.... I was 34/110 hahah so I'm not THAT basic I guess. I love TJ's and I pretty much only grocery shop there! I always get their pizza dough. It's like $1 and so dang good! Happy Friday :)
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  7. Oh how I love TJ's! We recently made a homemade pizza and tonight we had a meat, cheese, and baguette platter from there - so yummy :)

    Green Fashionista

  8. I have always loved Trader Joe's and I'm sad because now I rarely go and after reading this post, that needs to change. The tomatoes and pizza look amazing and 100 calorie chocolate bars?! Kettle Corn Lite?! I'm so in!

    I'm with you on the whole basic thing. I'm the epitome of anti-basic. Or whatever the opposite would be lol. I don't like PSL's, let alone buy them. I don't even like the abbreviation and am cringing that I just used it. I dislike the whole pumpkin spice craze altogether. But to each their own. I do have a daily caffeine fix. It costs me $.75 a day. I love my Pepsi and it's my only caffeine source lol.

  9. Hahaha I think I am pretty much as basic as it gets! Also, bagel scooping is the most blasphemous, ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.

  10. Trader Joe's is just the best. We like to buy the frozen orange chicken and fried rice. Seriously, anything you get there is usually amazing.

  11. So I can't really say much since I don't have a TJ within 75 miles of here. When I do, I always stop in to buy a few treats like the cookie butter and stuff.

    I just all together hate the term basic. I didn't know getting your bagel scooped was a thing, not to mention basic. I don't even know what that is. I hate the pumpkin thing that is everywhere and all the companies that have bought into it.