Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Luck of the Irish

Wow! What a weekend- time absolutely flew from the moment we hopped on a flight to my alma mater on Thursday to right now. That statement is capped off perfectly as I type by candlelight with a glass of vino as Andrew is wrestling with switching outlet covers as I type. I promise if I hear a shriek I will put down my glass and scream help. Home projects don't rest on the weekend, y'all. The struggle is real.

Honestly, today was a little bit of a wasted day around the house. Coming back from family trips always makes me so emotional to say good bye and get back to reality. Now that Baby E is in the family it is so much worse. I blubbered like a baby (sorry to steal that spotlight from you baby girl) on the car ride to the airport. While I'm so grateful for anytime with that baby girl, MAN does she pull on my heart strings as we drive away.

We headed up for a weekend of Irish football and Baby E's baptism- which was basically the perfect weekend. However, the weekend came with it's own set of troubles as Andrew's Longhorns played my Fighting Irish! I'm proud to say that we made it through without too much of a grudge- mostly due to Andrew being the bigger person. I will also say that we are very GRATEFUL to not have to go through this every year. We are both big football fans- like countdown the days to football season kinda fans. And I firmly believe that no marriage needs to voluntarily add a bloodbath/torture session to the mix. I don't know if my competitive nature could survive an annual test like this.

A friendly competition (sure, friendly...) started on Friday as we got to walk around campus, go through the football tunnel onto the field, and pose for a couple of photos. Still smiling... see! 

Andrew needed an adult beverage to feel good about cheering against his in laws. He is legit the only non-ND alum in my immediate family. 

It is always great to be back at Notre Dame stadium. My parents met at ND and have bred all 3 of us girls to be die hard fans and alumnae. Coming to a game here is out of the world and one of my favorite trips each year. 

But the highlight of the weekend was Baby E's baptism. She made the rounds of campus on Friday... 

Brainwashing starts early at Notre Dame! E can say her feet graced the ND stadium before she could walk!

Baby E's luck of the Irish rubbing off on one of ND's famous golden helmets.

The baptism was held in the Log Chapel, a structure built years before Notre Dame was established to house missionaries in Northern Indiana. It was a beautiful and very intimate Mass. I feel humbled to be a part of it and a part of E's life as she grows up. Honestly, it is overwhelming to see the amount of love and joy that E has created in our lives.

My sister in a few short months has become one of the best moms I know. That is one lucky little lady.

This grandma taught her everything she knows and tries to snatch E from any unsuspecting family member at all times.

Such a cutie.

And the recap wouldn't be complete without one more picture... My folks celebrated their 35th anniversary last week and our tailgate needed just one more thing... a (surprise) fat head of the two lovebirds on their wedding day...

I hope that you had an equally wonderful long weekend! And that you were cheering for the Irish on Saturday!!!


  1. What a great weekend! Glad your team came out with the W :) Let the countdown to Oct 3 begin!

  2. Such a great family weekend!! How sweet is little baby E and of course who doesn't love a weekend with college football! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Oh my gosh! I visited Notre Dame last year for my FIRST EVER football game EVER and they totally swept me off my feet. I loved the campus, community, and traditions! Don't tell my husband, he's actively trying to mold me into a UNC fan.