Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sick AKA Being A Slug

About 90% of the time I believe I'm a real adult. I have to wake up early, pay bills I don't want to pay, and I get a massive *headache* after two glasses of wine. That's pretty much adulthood to me.

That went down in flames this week. I got a cold. I didn't take said of cold. I pretended I was over my cold. And then I crashed and burned. Instead of some Emergen-C and a few extra hours of sleep, I pounded out a long run and a night out watching football.  And now I'm glued to my couch. I'm so over my DVR collection, but don't have the energy to do much else. Reading hurts my head. When I felt ambitious and vacuumed yesterday morning, it was pretty much the most difficult thing I've ever done. I missed kickball, I missed run club, and I haven't done grocery shopping in too long. 

There is nothing in my pantry. Okay, that's a big lie. There is a lot in the pantry and freezer, but all I want is soup and bread. I may be 90 years old. Oh wait, I'm sick and I always like carbs.

My training schedule is even farther off than before and I've realized that my dog REALLY likes to bark. Our neighbors will probably start leaving us hate mail unless we get this under control. I also realized that I'm dangerously close to be addicted to Afrin, according to their package description.

I've also had some good time to think about the big questions in life:

Why EXACTLY do your teeth hurt when you get sick?

Who on earth would voluntarily go on one of these crazy Judge shows? I watched one about people getting sick from pasta sauce purchased from PTA. PASTA SAUCE. FOR REAL! They aren't even real judges...

How much do people on reality tv shows actually make? This led to a long train of google searches...

Why does a house make random noises throughout the day? Does everyone get this scared over it? Do you think that someone is secretly hiding out in my house for days on end to wait till I am weak enough to not scream when they try to kidnap my dog.

If I sleep all day, then why am I still so tired?

Does Cal realize that I'm sick, does he think I got fired, does he notice anything is different?

So in case you wanted to nominate anyone for most productive human being, I wanted you to know that it should probably be me. What do you do to keep you occupied while sick?


  1. your teeth hurt because they have roots and usually when you're sick, your nerves are hyper sensitive so i find that everything hurts. it's also why your skin can sometimes feel sensitive to the touch when you're really sick.

    sorry you're sick!! rest up, and netflix it away (that's what i do) :)

  2. Oh no - feel better girl! It's the recharge your body needs right now!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Get well soon! It sucks being sick but being able to lounge around the house is pretty great. When I'm not feeling well my dogs are extra cuddly so I hope your's is too :)

  4. Hahaha your questions totally have me loling. Google searches can get out of control so quickly! I hope you feel better soon!

  5. Yuck! Nothing worse than a "Summer" cold! Your nurse is pretty adorable though! ;)