Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Settling In

On my lil internet slice, I talk a lot about the ongoings: the training-s, the house project-ings, the daily things that make up our life here. But the plain matter of fact is that this whole life here thing is still new. It isn't brand new, but we've only been Houstonians for 5 months (with a whole crap ton of new happening). With as much excitement about moving to a new place as we started with, it is still hard work navigating a new house, new jobs, new friends, new distance from family. Just a lot of new. 

So it feels nice in those moments where you are just settled. 

The moment where you remember where the cheese grater is and don't use a potato peeler instead.

The moment where you can work your own TV remote.

The moment when your run tracker finally realizes you live 2 time zones away (still hasn't happened yet, but I'm being positive). 

Or like a couple weekends ago, the moments we got to spend at the beach- just Andrew, Cal, and me.

Now it isn't a California beach, but it felt so good to be back lounging the day outside. One of our last dates in CA, we walked along the beach chatting about all the new things to come. We were excited, we were nervous, and we were ready for the next step. This time we got to walk along the beach chatting about all the new things that had come. And look forward to the other ones that are still on their way. 

We laughed about this goofy pup that has rocked our world, ruined our rugs, and provides a very consistent 5:40 wake up call. Having him has been such a fun journey for the two of us. Although... I will not be sad when he stops teething in two months (fingers crossed).

We had a phenomenal lunch sitting on the patio soaking in the sea air. It looked somewhat similar to what our life was like, but I think it put things into perspective that we have a pretty great one here. Yes, I miss my old job (although, I love my new one). And I really miss my old friends (although, we chat almost daily and we are making great new friends). And I miss the life that we started there, but I know we are starting one here that will be just as meaningful.

So there is me being a sap.


  1. good job you were able to make galveston not look so horrible! Welcome to Houston Ive lived here pretty much all my life and love it...ok not the traffic so much but most everything else. And congratulations you also made it though a Houston summer! Thats 2 big accomplishments :)

  2. That puppy stage is tough... but proves your love :)
    That sand picture is amazing....

  3. I love seeing new things, and experiencing different views. I was in the military so I moved alot. I recently moved to Memphis and I do not like it at all. I want to move so bad. I love following your blog and your renovations. thanks

  4. Moving to a different city is always tough at first. But you mentioned you have a bunch of family here right? And there's always your blog friends! Hang in there :)

  5. I moved out for the first (and only) time when I was 25 and it was only 20 mins away... I still cried like a baby for a month straight! lol :) Hang in there... it sounds like you guys are doing well, and it's good that you have each other. :)