Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Motivation Wednesday

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Well it is going to be a short one today because I got an intimidating workout scheduled after work. 10 miles to be done before I sleep. 10 miles on a weeknight. To me that is scary. Not the miles (although for me its nothing to sneeze at), it is the fact that I'm logging this distance on a weeknight. I normally don't like to do mileage over 5 on weekdays because that is about the limit where my body needs some extra downtime. Some people might have this number be 3x bigger, others 3x smaller, but for me that is the limit I like to stick to 90% of the time.

Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.:

So why am I doing double the mileage today? Because I took my long run off this weekend. I had plans to do it with a friend, but when they cancelled I baked a quiche instead. It was delicious and I don't regret it, but I need to get those miles in this week. Getting it done will help me feel more comfortable about my upcoming race and honestly be a good stress relief. This week is full, but running/ owning my training schedule always makes me feel better. Monday was kickball, Tuesday was run club, so Wednesday is the winning day. 

My game plan is to hydrate heavily at work, head home at a decent time, and get those sneaks on to get moving. They don't need to be speedy miles, but i want those miles in my running bank. While it is light, I will do one of my normal routes and then as sun sets Andrew will come and keep me company for the last few. I've prepped a dinner than only needs to be popped in the oven and you better believe I have been saving a special podcast episode to get me through this run. 

There is magic in misery. Just ask any runner.Dean Kanazes. Ultramarathon Man.:

Days like this (when I'm intimidated) are when I realize how much running makes me happy. It doesn't always make me want to jump out the door for an hour of sweaty hot mess-ness, but I know that I will feel a lifetime better at the end. Looking forward to rocking this run and getting in another double digit endurance run this weekend.

I'll have Janae's mantra on repeat throughout the run... I can do hard things, I can do hard things, I can do hard things.  

See ya on the other side,


  1. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! last night i nearly bailed on muay thai because it was raining and traffic is HELL when it's raining like that. then i said to myself: "if my friend is going, i will, too" so when i texted her, she said she was going (damn her!!) so i dragged my ass to get there (1hr of traffic!!!!!) but i was so glad i did because it was an awesome workout.

    just don't even think about it - lace up and head out the door; you'll be glad you did!

  2. way to have a goal and commit to it! I cant relate to needing to have those miles under your belt, its so silly but it does make me feel so much better when i have actually done said mileage. good luck running tonight, its so hard for me to get going after work but then again 10 miles you really cant do in the morning that would be way to early!

  3. You got this!! You can do it!!

  4. Good luck with your 10 mile run! That's a looong distance to tackle after a day of work. I'm impressed!

  5. I love your motivation. I find that second one SO true. How many times on a run your body wants to quit and your brain says "shut up!" Or vice versa or both during the long runs. Good luck on your run! You'll feel really good once it's over! Trish - tales from trish

  6. That is so impressive, I hope you had a good run. I tried to run this morning and it was not happening.

  7. I hoped you rocked those miles! 10 miles on a work night is so impressive, awesome job at fitting it in!