Thursday, September 24, 2015

DIY or Die

Ya know, some things just seem like the best ideas. You get a couple small projects under your belt and feel a little cocky about your handyman skills. Then you watch a couple of youtube videos and you become basically a pro, so of course the universe needs to knock you down a couple rings.

That is what happened this weekend.

It happened so hard.

Like at one point I had tears of laughter in my eyes and the skin on the bottom of Andrew's foot was being pulled off by wood adhesive.

Wood adhesive, yall.

So this is a warning tale, a tale where just because one spends their whole paycheck at Home Depot does not mean one is a home professional, and a tale that could have spiraled out of control very quickly (and in fact did for a bit).

A couple months ago we had our contractor lay hardwood floor in our kitchen and dining room and we love it! The space feels so much cozier with the dark wood floors and the paint colors really pop in contrast. We hemmed and hawed over if we should do it ourselves or if we should have a team of professionals do it and eventually decided to let the contractor install. We assured ourselves that yes we would lay the wood up in the loft/office space and it has been up stairs patiently waiting ever since.

Then we got fancy. We installed some light fixtures, changed out some outlets, remembered what day is trash day, and, probably the worst, watched all the youtube home improvement videos out there. So last Saturday AM, we woke up bright and early, hit our go-to spot HoDo, and about killed ourselves laying floor.

I can't even tell you what went wrong because I have no earthly idea how we could do anything so poorly ever. Not even being hyperbolic. The wood adhesive congealed on fingers, necks, feet, mallets, eyelashes, dust bunnies- basically anything other than the darn floor. It was comical and embarrassing. I felt like I was in one of the Saw movies and was getting punked into a very slow and horrible death.

So I started laughing uncontrollably. Laughing at the preposterous-ness of the situation. Laughing at how all the bad karma I have been accruing from jaywalking to metro finally hit me. And laughing at having my workout shorts literally stuck to my rear end. Literally. 

While Andrew started digging in (and most likely fuming at my adverse reaction) I started googling and texting furiously. I would screen shot some of the texts back and forth to my best friend, but I would fear that you would all think I have an aggression problem towards wood adhesive. Oh, by the way, I do.

So we changed our plans, struggled through wood adhesive being stuck where it shouldn't, and eventually played contractor till it was done. And it looks awesome. It sure as heck wasn't pretty getting there and tempers were sure as heck high, but the loft/office looks awesome.

By the end our spirits were exponentially higher and we snuck in a little treat for the suckers that rip up the floor in who knows when. We patted ourselves on the bat. We returned the power tools to our favorite place. We drank some beer. Much deserved beer.  

That is how you get it done sometimes. DIY or die. It was a tough choice, but we won this time.

Kulhas- 1 
DIY Universe- Laughing at Us 



  1. Love DIY or Die! I would've given up at the first moment of fusteration. Trish - tales from trish

  2. My husband and I tend to have breakdowns over assembling Ikea furniture. I can't even imagine what would happen if we tried to lay our own flooring. I'm impressed you survived.

  3. What a great post. It is so nice that you could laugh about it. I know some people who would have lost their minds. It looks great I love dark colored wood too.

  4. its like tale from the crypt but for DIY. we decided to do tile that looks like wood floors because we didnt want to deal with the headache that is installing wood floors. good job yall on getting it done!

  5. bahaha this is too funny! Where are the pictures of you stuck to the floor!?

  6. My husband and I did our wood floors over Christmas. It is tough!! Just a question...Did you use any sort of moisture barrier under them?

  7. These floors are so pretty. We have dark hardwood too. But SO much working DIY. We had them put in for us!

  8. I love your floors. Love dark hardwood. I could never do it myself. Me and DIY are not friends at all. haha

  9. OMG the way it stuck to things is really scary, but the way it turned out is great! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  10. oh my gosh this is hilarious! i can't even imagine. my husband did the laminate floors in our house and that was a huge pain on it's own. can't imagine dealing with adhesive stuff!

  11. Haha this is so us too! It's no joke taking on some of these projects, but your floors are gorgeous <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. I have to say that I admire you. I would never have even considered such a huge undertaking. And it worked in the end! That's awesome!

  13. I have to say that I admire you. I would never have even considered such a huge undertaking. And it worked in the end! That's awesome!

  14. Oh man. MAD PROPS to you for even attempting this! And it turned out great! I love the little heart you left... :D

  15. I have always wondered how hard it is to lay hardwoods DIY style. Thanks for the reality check! I also tend to laugh uncontrollable in such situations. Love the little personalized message under the wood!