Friday, September 18, 2015

5 for Friday- Camera Motivation

It seems like more and more blogs these days are getting to die for photos. Everything from an average breakfast to a stellar sunset is BEAUTIFUL and makes me want to print out strangers' photos for my own walls. Is that weird? Yeah- it is. Okay, I won't do it OR I won't show it to you. Kidding. Kinda.

However when I was trying to pull photos for my Ottoman post this week, I was CRINGING at how distinctly behind my photo skills are!  Sometimes the images are too yellow. Sometimes things are blurry. Sometimes the colors look to saturated after my quick and dirty edits. It seems right now that there is just a disconnect between what I see the image looking like in my head and what I see when I upload the images. I know that everyone has their tricks of the trade, but when I read up on them and it doesn't seem to translate into what I want to see.

I do feel good about travel photography. I'm just dabbling in it of course, but here are some of my favorite snaps...

Torres del Paine adventure in Chile this past March

Colorado this summer on a family vacation

Grand Canyon camping during our cross country move

But what I'm not loving are some of the day to day shots, like the following...

Little Cali Boy as a pup- I don't think the image is bad, but it is just not very crisp or dimensional.

I wish that these baby shower photos from this summer didn't have the weird white blur around the cards.

I think this one is too bright...

I feel like the colors are too blue toned here... It doesn't look like what it does in person.

It isn't that I think these images are horrible and it isn't even about keeping up with the blogging Jones, either (I couldn't even if I tried- real talk). I just really want to match what I see in my head with what I see in the final images. So instead of hemming, hawing, and feeling bad about my lack of skills, I decided I wanted to work on 5 camera things over the next couple months. I would really like to feel confident about my camera skills by Christmas time since I got the camera last year for Christmas. Bonus reason- the cutest little niece in the world will be in town, so I have a good subject!

1) Shoot more in natural light

Not only spend some time outdoors shooting, but I want to try to work with natural light to create good shadows and produce light, dreamy images.

2) Shoot in manual more

I would say (generously) I shoot in manual about 60% of the time, but that just seems silly. Since we are lucky enough to have this schmancy camera, I might as well take advantage of it so more manual shooting!

3) Find an online photo storing site

Unfortunately, my images are dumped across multiple computers, external hard drives, and lots in the trash box! There was a heartbreaking (seriously, I way overreacted) moment earlier this year when I lost 70 pics of our niece and pretty much blew a gasket. I need to find a place to dump all my photos in the cloud. Suggestions?

4) Play around with the ISO

To create better images and to make things more interesting, I need to bite the bullet and figure this out better.

5) White Balance

I pretty much ignore this 99% of the time, but then again 99% of the time I complain that my images are too yellow or too cool or too whatever. Correlation much?

So here are my lofty, get my act together with my camera goals. Any thoughts on where I should go to start? Or, better yet, any tips?


  1. the best thing my husband ever did for me as a gift was sign me up for a DSLR101 workshop at the local Henry's store. it was 4hrs of amazingness and i went from the embarrassing "auto" setting to P and M. now when i use someone's camera to take a picture for them and see that they're on the auto setting, i'm like pffffft! i'm a profesh so i'm switching your settings, ok? LOL

    but all kidding aside, you have taken some great photos above so keep at it! the workshop really did help me.

  2. I like that you're seeing something you want to change, and doing it!! #motivated

    I need an online photo store, too! My pics are super unorganized :( Let us know what you find.

  3. All great tips girl! White balancing can be such a pain. That picture of the Grand Canyon is amazing! The colors and dimensions are perfect! Happy Friday!
    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Girl I wish I could help you - but I'm such a novice - I like shooting outdoors way more than inside because like you said natural light!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Great tips! I think your pictures all came out great.

  6. I think your pics are beautiful. I know mine look like crap. I want to invest in a nice camera, actually that is on my bucket list. Are you feeling better?

  7. I think your pictures are gorgeous, all of them. But these are all great tips!

  8. Those are really great! I especially love the Grand Canyon one! So beautiful!