Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So We Have A Kitchen

That is right, folks. After 3 months of no kitchen, we are officially tied to dirty dishes, produce 1-day-shy-of-going-bad, and meal planning again. And it feels awesome.

Now before you go on thinking I'm actually doing anything mildly impressive with my life, let me break your itty bitty heart. There are boxes on boxes on boxes of kitchen gadgets still cluttering up the dining room. And I mean that. We have stacked them on top of each other to avoid the whole room being one McDonald's ball pit of utensils, pyrex, and pizza stones. Thinking about finding a permanent home for these items gives me so much anxiety. WHAT IF I HATE WHERE THE TUPPERWEAR GOES FOR THE REST OF MY EXISTENCE? How am I supposed to be equipped with the vast knowledge it takes to find the perfect spot for the 3 blender contraptions we have? I am not prepared for this. Adult fail.

Don't you stress though. Beyond my psychotic avoidance of kitchen gadgets, I have been able to muster the strength to make a couple mean new Pinterest recipes. And I would love to share. Mostly I'm looking for recipes that meet the following requirements: are filling, are full of or complement veggies, and are easy enough to cook with a pup chomping (literally) at your feet. I left out a couple of the recipe duds, so here are the ones I would recommend! Feel free to click on the photos for the recipes or follow my Pinterest Wins and Losses page.

Cilantro Lime Cauliflower from I Food Real

Tasty! Make again :) Cilantro Lime Cauliflower with Avocado -- Delicious baked cauliflower with Latin flavours - lime, cilantro, cumin and garlic. And it's cheesy.
This was great! Very easy and very light. I used less cheese than the recipe called for and added some jalapenos for a good bite. It made excellent leftovers. Even Andrew liked this one and that boy and cauliflower do not get along. We will definitely add this to the rotation.

Summer Ale Beer Bread from Savory Simple

Delish! AND VERY EASY! Make again :) This summer ale beer bread has hints of lemon and pepper. No kneading required, ready in under an hour! Get this easy-to-follow recipe from
 This bread was BEYOND good. I whipped it up last, last minute for a girls night and it was delicious. I used St. Arnold's Summer Ale (Houston favorite) and topped it with some basil and rosemary from our fledgling herb garden. Oh and I added some lime juice because zesting was beyond my kitchen clutter's capabilities. I served this will raspberry chipotle sauce and it was excellent. Make it! No need for a bread maker, no need to wait and let rise, an no need to even knead it. 

Chicken Tamale Casserole from buns In My Oven

Delish and easy! I addes jalapenos and onions... make again! chicken tamale casserole
I had low expectations for this dish. The throw everything in a dish method isn't my favorite, but this one really surprised me. I will absolutely be making this recipe again and again. I used ground turkey and added jalapenos and more veggies. The base of cornbread was delicious and I enjoyed the heck out of the leftovers. No, it is not a replacement for tamales, but it is a heck of a good dish.

Easy Crock Pot Pulled Chicken from Flour On My Face

Great! easy family recipes, crock pot pulled chicken, chicken crock pot recipes,
We popped this in the crock pot one day when we harassed our family into indentured servitude at our house and it was GREAT! I added some Worcestershire sauce, red pepper flakes, and only used a little of the brown sugar. It was great for lunch and the leftovers made delicious salad toppings. Now that we are in the great state of BBQ, I won't be making this weekly, but some is currently cooking in the crockpot to use up some leftover chicken.

5-Ingredient Easy White Chili from Give Me Some Oven

Great! Make again and serve over rice with tortilla chips!
I won't even start with how low my expectations were on this dish, because when you pick something with 5 (some of them canned) ingredients that is made in a crock pot- you are choosing the recipe for convenience. BUT this was great! It is more of a soup than a chili so I served ours over rice with avocado, cilantro, and cheese on top. Next time I will add a squirt of lime juice and some crunchy tortilla chips. We made this in the crock pot the night after our late late late flight from Colorado AND we forgot to turn the crockpot on so dinner time finally rolled around at 9pm. At least it was tasty and EASY! 

Do you have any go to summer meals? Preferably anything that doesn't heat up the whole house? I'm excited about our meal plan for this week, but need some recs for next!



  1. We've been looking for a good pulled pork recipe because we are so guilty of going to local bbq places [when we should be eating better for our wedding diets] since GA has so many great ones. I'm sure this recipe is far better for us! I'm saving this chili recipe because Brian's work has a chili cook off every fall!

  2. Want to know how I organized my kitchens in my last two apartments? One word: momma. Her task on move in day has always been to wipe down the kitchen and figure out where things need to go. Works like a charm!

  3. That chicken casserole looks SO good!!

  4. Oh my gosh, all those recipes look so, so, SO good. Yum!

  5. Haha finding the place for thing in our new kitchen last summer took me forever and I put probably way too much thought into it. That chicken casserole I have to try!!

  6. The crockpot chicken sounds soo good! With a baby, a job and a hungry husband, the crockpot is definitely my very best friend! Love all these great ideas :)

  7. yay for having a kitchen! all of these recipes look so yum.
    it's so hard to decide where things go in the kitchen lol. i have moved a few things since we moved in a couple of years ago (namely, the tupperware hahahaha).
    hmmm my go to summer meal is fish with a side salad. super easy and simple. i make the salad and husband cooks the fish, so i don't get too hot lol

  8. all I can see is the avocados on those dishes...mmm...... & now I'm hungry :)

  9. Trying to find a place for kitchen things is the hardest part. Like I haven't even cooked in the kitchen, how am I supposed to know where I want things to go.
    One of my go to summer meals is quiche with a side salad and of course anything on the grill.

  10. I can't wait to have my kitchen back!!!! Finding places for all those gadgets is quite the adventure - just do a little at a time and you'll get it!!