Monday, August 10, 2015

Running Through My Mind 8.10.15

Shot from our weekend run around Buffalo Bayou... the heat was radiating off the pavement.

Do you secretly think you belong in a crazy folks home?

I do.

Not in daily life, but in exercise life.

There is something about the rush of endorphins that makes me irrational (or more so), focus on death/destruction/danger, and able to make massive logical leaps with little regard for reality/ One out of every three times or so while pounding the pavement, I get pretty convinced that I deserve to be in a straight jacket. Whether it is convincing myself that every other runner I see must be a serial killer or planning the quickest escape route if a rabid animal marks me as the next target, I get a little crazy. I start going down a path (literal and figurative) of nonsensical ideas and realize 20 minutes later that I just went through a rabbit hole of a whole lotta crazy. I do this and I find it relatively humorous. Don't believe me? Here is a sample of about 1/4 of a mile.

  • My shorter hair doesn't fit in a pony tail. Ugh. This is annoying.It is like one of those annoying little things that starts small and will eventually make a person believe their pet is their husband and that the government is hiding an army of robot zombies. But back to the hair. Ugh. Every step there is a little more hair that comes out. I can't survive this. I'll probably end up bald by the end of this. If one of my hairs falls out or if I touch a bench or something and leave a finger print AND then there is murder committed there- do you think the police will think it is me? How could I explain my way out of that one? I'm pretty good at convincing people things, but I don't want to go to jail. It would be awesome if that becomes the next Serial mystery.  As long as everyone knows I didn't do it. 
  • Bat poop smells disgusting, but I get so tired everytime I pass under this bridge. It is a conspiracy. It would be really scary if all those bats came out at once. Would they be scared of me? I don't like this chain of thought. The bat bridge would be an ideal place to hide a body... Especially if they have a breathing mask- like on the really creepy episodes of Criminal Minds. No one wants to stay under there long. I hope the police know this.
  • Do I have to go to the bathroom?
  • How the heck are these people pushing strollers and still passing me. And why are they all in lululemon. Freaking mafia of fit moms.  Were they this fit before they had children? How do they have time for this? I wonder if you can hear your child in that stroller thing. What  if they are yelling bloody murder (stop thinking of murder, you crazy person) and you can't hear because of your headphones?  I bet the fit mom mafia wouldn't like that. I think the fit mom mafia would be a great drug ring- unexpected and unassuming. I wonder if the police know about this too. I could tell them if I get picked up for that murder I didn't commit. 
  • It is hot. Sweat is sneaking into my eye. I'm getting sympathy pains just thinking about the salty liquid running into my eye ball. Owwwwww. And then I won't be able to check my Garmin for the distance. And I could run too long or too short or I could get lost or lots of other things. Am I done yet? Only 1/4 of a mile in. Whomp. Back to the piece of my hair falling out into a crime scene...
Anybody else... No? Well at least I tried to find like minded exercise psychos out there. No matter what, this past week was a good one. I did switch my training schedule up. I was super jazzed to start out with the new plan, but I didn't feel like I was running enough and the times that I was running were so structured- it wasn't fun. I'm not going to suffer through the inexhaustible heat, hurt like heck, and not have any fun. It is a little bit of a bummer because the other plan would make me focus on being faster AND I really want a new PR, but I just didn't like it. So out with the new and in with the old.

Cal is not the biggest fan of me running. We will teach him yet!

I used my trusty friend, Hal Higdon, and modified the intermediate training plan for my life. Here is what the last week (coincidentally the first week) looked like.

M- Cross Trained with the Elliptical at the work gym + weights
T- 3m run with run club and the pups (well they didn't REALLY run the whole thing, but they were cute to have around)
W- Rest
Th- Great 3m speedy run to start the day and my 28th year of life
F- Speed workout with 5*400 at a sub 8 pace + quick weights
S- 5m early run with Andrew
Su- Yoga to loosen up those tight legs

It was a great (second) first week of half marathon training. And it feels wonderful to be back in the swing of things. I always feel so much more enthused and positive about life after pounding the pavement and am grateful for the time I spend on the trails.

This upcoming week I hope to improve my strength training plan rack up some more miles.

What goes through your mind while exercising? Anyone else out there think that every other person is a serial killer coming to get you?



  1. Oh my gosh... so funny! Love the lululemon and stroller comment. I am starting to get back into running too and thinking about a 1/2 marathon again. So hard though! Good for you to stay dedicated and motivated.

  2. Haha that bathroom comment totally goes through my head and I also struggle with myself and say 10 more minutes or just 5 more and then I'm happy when I make it the whole class! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Running is seriously the best stress reliever! I recently cut my hair too and have the same issues - I've found it really helps if i make a half pony and then make a second pony tail with the half and the rest of my hair (if that makes sense haha).

  4. hair not fitting in a ponytail is so annoying!!! especially with exercise. and oh my is cal cute!!

  5. This is too funny! I am with you on the bathroom question...usually I am just like if I can run to this point I will be happy, or if I do this, then I can stop.

  6. Everyone says short hair is easier but I think it's more work because you can't just stick it in an easy pony! Maybe unless you use a whole tub of gel and a headband? Haha