Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Runday 8.31.15

Last day of August? Seriously?!? Where did this month go? I swear it's either still May or we have gone through a time warp... This weekend was spent filling our house with sawdust while we board and batton our dining room. I won't share any pics yet because there's still the painting to be done, but I feel like the last 3 days were overly successful. We rested, we worked, we socialized- even the weather was altogether pleasant. Now that the sawdust has quite literally settled, I feel satisfied with our progress on all fronts. 

Progress on all fronts is a fair way to describe things right now. Every day we are getting a bit more settled, a bit more organized, (Cal) a bit more house trained, and, with running, it feels like I have a bit more confidence. 

And now that Sunday has come and gone, I got one big to do crossed of our list. We officially signed up for the October half! I know, I know I've been training for weeks, but sometimes procrastination can be oddly thrilling. Living on the edge in our house consists of registering just in time for the price increase deadline. .. Just saying ;)

And that wasn't the only racing activity this weekend! After taking a good hard look at that Summer Bucket List a group of us did one of the free 5ks. Run for Wellness organizes 2 free, timed 5ks a month in Houston. This was my first one, but it was great! 

My race went well. I can tell that some of the strength and speed training I've been sweating through have actually started to help. I didn't break any PRs, but felt solid through the course. My pace was 8:22, but there was definitely some left in the tank at the end of the course. However I don't feel even a little bit bad for not laying it all out there because I hadn't raced since May! I was pretty cautious and wanted to maintain an 8:45 pace and beat my goal. This race was a confidence builder for me.

Who am I kidding- all of today was great! Following the race there were donuts, home reno, and some family time- today was phenomenal!

Here is how my training went this week:

Monday- At home yoga class soothed my tired, tired legs
Tuesday- Run club for 3m
Wednesday- Snuck in a spin class during work that felt amazing
Thursday- Yoga class at work
Friday- 6 by 400s at 7:50 to 8:00 pace w/ strength training
Saturday- Off!
Sunday- 5k (my training schedule had no long run for this week, so yay!)

I have a feeling this week is going to be a pretty great one! We are headed to one of my favorite places on Earth this weekend and there is a very special little niece that I get to see in just a few short days! Hope you have just as wonderful things coming up this week!



  1. So happy to hear you were able to run a race this weekend!! Cross that one off the list :) hope you have an easy and great Monday!!

  2. Yay for signing up for the half!!!! You were so fast at your 5k, teach me your ways! Once upon a time i was fast, but now I'm thrilled when I run 10 min miles.

  3. Congrats on signing up for your half! Even if you've been training for a race it always makes it more real to be officially registered. Sounds like you nailed your 5k this weekend too. Nice job!

  4. You're doing your own board and batten? I bow down to you! Can't wait to see the result!