Monday, August 24, 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Wow- I'm beat. Like so tired I won't even bore you with the details, tired. I actually can't bore you with the details because typing to too tiring. Annoyed yet? It is a good thing that this is through the computer because man-oh-man I have a one track tired mine.

I did want to check in and say, HELLO! We lived through another day of home improvement projects. My dream dining room that I have been oogling over is slowly becoming a reality. And crappy iphone pics just don't do it justice, but for giggles I will leave 'em here anyways.

You may remember me loving on our cute town home in Downtown Houston. Great walking location to tons of bars and restaurants, easy access to the metro (makes my life 100% better in the am), and a home Andrew and I can really grow into. BUT all that comes with downsides. Living downtown means that there are some... interesting design choices that you gotta live with or figure out something else. Meet Wall-O-Mirrors. 

Hi Wall-O-Mirrors! Here is a pic from the very first time we were in the house! Don't mind the floors (already remodeled), light (soon to be changed) and kitchen (completely redone).

See them there, looking so cute, reflecting things, and generally making me hate the dining room. I don't know why I cannot stand them, but I can't! Friends/family/contractors have all said leave Wall-O-Mirrors up! It makes the space bigger they say, it adds character they say, and (most importantly) they will be a pain in the butt to get off. Wall-O-Mirrors and I just don't see eye to eye. It causes me no harm- except for every time I see them and want to pry them off with my fingernails. Dramatic. Get over it.

So after A LOT of you tube stalking, online research, and some heavy prayers that we wouldn't spray mirror shards across the ground floor of our home, we got those suckers off! Hoorah! 2 and a half months in and I don't have to watch myself eat anymore!

We started by taping up the mirrors so in the fairly likely event that they broke while we were forcing them off the wall, that the glass would fall in as big of pieces as possible. This took a lot of leftover duck tape from our color coordinated moving box extravaganza.

All taped up!

Because the walls were literally floor to ceiling and wall to wall, we couldn't slide wood under the back of the mirror and pry it off that way like most of the tutorials showed, so we needed to go back to the internet drawing board. After a quick and cheap trip to Home Depot (aka the place that we spend all our money at these days), we made it home with a piece of 1/16 inch wire cut 8 feet long. The goal was to slide this wire behind the mirror and work diagonally from one end to the other breaking the glue blobs. Shout out to the most patient man in the world for tackling this physically demanding task AFTER we had been on a 7m run that morning!

Working diagonally

It work about as well as expected, but the first one was pretty darn tough. Once we got the first one off, we were able to slide a thin screwdriver behind the mirror and break the glue bond without too much of the wire work. 

What lovely dalmatian spots left behind!

All in all, the project took about an hour and a half, but left us with some more items to cross off the list before painting and adding board and batton. We need to remove the leftover glue, patch the couple indents from the screwdriver, possibly/probably add some texture to the wall before we can get the beauty part of this beautifying project under way.

In the end other than a couple of quarter inch mirror chips, all 3 of the mirrors came off in one piece. We are hoping to sell them and spend that money on the new light fixture. It feels great to have this (step of the) project done and be making plans for the next one!



  1. I can't even wait to see the finished product because your dream dining room is gorgeous!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. my mother in law has the same mirrors in her dining room, it's so so ugly and awkward when we eat in there lol. love the Avril gif!

  3. I won't have even been able to handle those mirrors either. Who wants an entire wall of mirrors?! I'm impressed that you got that project done after a 7M run! I only did 4 on Saturday and was beat by midafternoon.

  4. I couldn't handle the mirrors either! That is so impressive how well you go them off! Can't wait to see the finished room. It's gonna be gorgeous.

  5. Oh looks like its coming along great! I really couldnt deal with a wall of mirrors and would have done the same.

  6. I wouldn't have been able to handle those mirrors either! What an intense project though-I would have been so scared of them shattering! So glad it worked out for y'all :)

  7. Great job you two construction phenoms. And glad to see all arms and legs came through intact.

  8. Great job you two construction phenoms. And glad to see all arms and legs came through intact.

  9. It's looking so good! Home projects always seem to take on a life of their own, but hang in there, you got it! :) What are your plans for that room next? Excited to see!