Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Checking In On That Summer Bucket List

I got something big to share and it isn't too pretty. The beginning of school starting for all those youngsters has my palms sweating hoping that the teacher doesn't call on me. I haven't been doing my homework and my mom is going to see my report card.

Ok- that was dramatic and inaccurate, but what else is new?

I was going through old posts recently and saw, much to my dismay, that the grand plans I had for the Summer Bucket List are no where near being complete! Between the house, travel, and life in general some of these fun things have just fallen through the cracks.

There are 29 days till Fall and I need to get my summer in gear to check. So here is my reaffirmation that I WILL get these things done in time! Or at least I will try harder. Here is the current status of the list!

  • Get Cal potty trained- Mission accomplished! Thank goodness :) Not only is he potty trained, but he graduated from puppy class too! 
  • Go camping- Not yet! These Texas temps need to cool down!
  • Check out a performance at Miller Outdoor Theatre- Saw a great performance by the Houston Symphony!
  • See the Hasburg Splendor Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston- Not yet! But we did manage to hit up a happy hour there... 
  • Visit the Menil Collection- Not yet!
  • Find a new neighborhood bar near our house- Definitely have a list of growing favorites, but we can always continue these explorations!
  • Eat at the Original Ninfas- Not yet!
  • Check out another local brewery- Nothing that we hadn't already been to...
  • Visit the nearby farmer's markets- Oooops- not yet!
  • See the new gorilla exhibit at the Houston Zoo- See what I'm saying... not yet
  • Run 2 more 5Ks- Ughhh- nope
  • Join a running club- YES! Cross this off the list!
  • Hit the beach- Not yet!
  • Get three big-ish projects done around the house- Done times 1,000,000! It is really starting to shape up- hopefully leaving time for the rest of this list!
  • Style and enlarge the gallery wall for our new house- Done! I will share some photos soon :)
What is left on your Summer Bucket List?


  1. We said we were going to take our dogs to the dog park in downtown Atlanta but we still haven't. We need to get on that :)

  2. I still haven't been to a farmer's market yet either - I really want to check that one off this weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Working on the house definitely takes up a lot of time! Can't wait to see that gallery wall! I am actually planning a gallery wall post myself! Ha!

  4. Woo hoo! Hooray for getting things done! Can't wait to see the gallery wall either. :)