Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Colorado Weekend In 10 Photos

Mountain air does a body good!

This past weekend my family took to the air for a quick trip to Colorado and I wish I could say I was still there. It warmed my heart to see my folks, my generation of sisters and spouses, and now the newest of the clan on all in one place. 

Friday AM my dad and I flew up with the rest of the crew meeting us later that day. A less than stellar flying experience was made up for with a delicious lunch on the water in Evergreen, CO. For the momentous occasion of my dad's birthday, we rented a house surrounded by acres of land and even a horse barn. Oh- and by we, I mean my mom, who moonlights as the magician of all google searches. The rest of the weekend was spent white water rafting, mini-hiking (that elevation change was rough), and celebrating the big guy's birthday! I have literally never met someone who works as hard as my dad, so it was a treat to be able to celebrate him. 

This photo makes me waaaaaaaaaay too happy

A hilariously awkward encounter occurred Sunday morning when (in our SUV) we accidentally maneuvered ourselves onto a winding mountain road IN THE MIDDLE OF A ROAD RACE. Runners trotting by the beautiful scenery got a nice whiff of exhaust fumes until a race official threatened to have the State Trooper write us a ticket. As a runner, I was mortified. As a car rider, I was humiliated. As a marathon-trainee, I was SO IMPRESSED WITH THE FITNESS LEVELS OF THESE HIGH ALTITUDE ATHLETES. I could barely make it to the car without panting, let alone run a race this far above sea level. Pass the pinot grigio and Cheezits, please.

Having Baby E around made the weekend even more worth the lack of sleep experienced on Monday morning. I can't believe it has been more than a month since I saw her and another month till I get to see her again. Family was a huge part of moving back to TX, but it makes me sad (and want to plan a lot of vacations) to see that little one grow up so far away from us.

August is here and with a vengeance. I always associate August with the end of the summer and I'm working on doing some spring- er summer cleaning around here. Hopefully content will get amped up and I will take better advantage of having our camera charger back! Hope you enjoyed some of these snaps  and had an equally awesome weekend :)

Any Colorado natives out there? When should we plan our next trip? Skiing is NOT an option (and is an epic story for another day).



  1. Gorgeous snaps girl - the fresh air does so much good for the soul! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I've never been to CO but every time I see photos I want to book a flight immediately!