Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Runday 8.31.15

Last day of August? Seriously?!? Where did this month go? I swear it's either still May or we have gone through a time warp... This weekend was spent filling our house with sawdust while we board and batton our dining room. I won't share any pics yet because there's still the painting to be done, but I feel like the last 3 days were overly successful. We rested, we worked, we socialized- even the weather was altogether pleasant. Now that the sawdust has quite literally settled, I feel satisfied with our progress on all fronts. 

Progress on all fronts is a fair way to describe things right now. Every day we are getting a bit more settled, a bit more organized, (Cal) a bit more house trained, and, with running, it feels like I have a bit more confidence. 

And now that Sunday has come and gone, I got one big to do crossed of our list. We officially signed up for the October half! I know, I know I've been training for weeks, but sometimes procrastination can be oddly thrilling. Living on the edge in our house consists of registering just in time for the price increase deadline. .. Just saying ;)

And that wasn't the only racing activity this weekend! After taking a good hard look at that Summer Bucket List a group of us did one of the free 5ks. Run for Wellness organizes 2 free, timed 5ks a month in Houston. This was my first one, but it was great! 

My race went well. I can tell that some of the strength and speed training I've been sweating through have actually started to help. I didn't break any PRs, but felt solid through the course. My pace was 8:22, but there was definitely some left in the tank at the end of the course. However I don't feel even a little bit bad for not laying it all out there because I hadn't raced since May! I was pretty cautious and wanted to maintain an 8:45 pace and beat my goal. This race was a confidence builder for me.

Who am I kidding- all of today was great! Following the race there were donuts, home reno, and some family time- today was phenomenal!

Here is how my training went this week:

Monday- At home yoga class soothed my tired, tired legs
Tuesday- Run club for 3m
Wednesday- Snuck in a spin class during work that felt amazing
Thursday- Yoga class at work
Friday- 6 by 400s at 7:50 to 8:00 pace w/ strength training
Saturday- Off!
Sunday- 5k (my training schedule had no long run for this week, so yay!)

I have a feeling this week is going to be a pretty great one! We are headed to one of my favorite places on Earth this weekend and there is a very special little niece that I get to see in just a few short days! Hope you have just as wonderful things coming up this week!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Fails 8.28.15

Instead of writing something (mildly) interesting or (passably) coherent, I thought I would discuss the Friday Fails that have happened ALL WEEK LONG. You know the times where you say the wrong thing, act ridiculously, accidentally inappropriate, or just generally shake you head at life choices... That was me this week.

Had Cal's manhood snip snip scheduled for National Dog Day... Whoops!

Too busy stalking a baby I've never met on facebook's first birthday and missed my metrorail stop after work... Whoops!

Cut a jalapeƱo for dinner then directly proceeded to rub my hands in my eyes... Whoops!

Call the credit card company for a false charge and I was wrong... Whoops!

Head out on a too long run with no water, no breakfast, and no motivation.

Is it just me or has this week been one for the books? Cheers to the weekend, my friends!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Checking In On That Summer Bucket List

I got something big to share and it isn't too pretty. The beginning of school starting for all those youngsters has my palms sweating hoping that the teacher doesn't call on me. I haven't been doing my homework and my mom is going to see my report card.

Ok- that was dramatic and inaccurate, but what else is new?

I was going through old posts recently and saw, much to my dismay, that the grand plans I had for the Summer Bucket List are no where near being complete! Between the house, travel, and life in general some of these fun things have just fallen through the cracks.

There are 29 days till Fall and I need to get my summer in gear to check. So here is my reaffirmation that I WILL get these things done in time! Or at least I will try harder. Here is the current status of the list!

  • Get Cal potty trained- Mission accomplished! Thank goodness :) Not only is he potty trained, but he graduated from puppy class too! 
  • Go camping- Not yet! These Texas temps need to cool down!
  • Check out a performance at Miller Outdoor Theatre- Saw a great performance by the Houston Symphony!
  • See the Hasburg Splendor Exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston- Not yet! But we did manage to hit up a happy hour there... 
  • Visit the Menil Collection- Not yet!
  • Find a new neighborhood bar near our house- Definitely have a list of growing favorites, but we can always continue these explorations!
  • Eat at the Original Ninfas- Not yet!
  • Check out another local brewery- Nothing that we hadn't already been to...
  • Visit the nearby farmer's markets- Oooops- not yet!
  • See the new gorilla exhibit at the Houston Zoo- See what I'm saying... not yet
  • Run 2 more 5Ks- Ughhh- nope
  • Join a running club- YES! Cross this off the list!
  • Hit the beach- Not yet!
  • Get three big-ish projects done around the house- Done times 1,000,000! It is really starting to shape up- hopefully leaving time for the rest of this list!
  • Style and enlarge the gallery wall for our new house- Done! I will share some photos soon :)
What is left on your Summer Bucket List?

Monday, August 24, 2015

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Wow- I'm beat. Like so tired I won't even bore you with the details, tired. I actually can't bore you with the details because typing to too tiring. Annoyed yet? It is a good thing that this is through the computer because man-oh-man I have a one track tired mine.

I did want to check in and say, HELLO! We lived through another day of home improvement projects. My dream dining room that I have been oogling over is slowly becoming a reality. And crappy iphone pics just don't do it justice, but for giggles I will leave 'em here anyways.

You may remember me loving on our cute town home in Downtown Houston. Great walking location to tons of bars and restaurants, easy access to the metro (makes my life 100% better in the am), and a home Andrew and I can really grow into. BUT all that comes with downsides. Living downtown means that there are some... interesting design choices that you gotta live with or figure out something else. Meet Wall-O-Mirrors. 

Hi Wall-O-Mirrors! Here is a pic from the very first time we were in the house! Don't mind the floors (already remodeled), light (soon to be changed) and kitchen (completely redone).

See them there, looking so cute, reflecting things, and generally making me hate the dining room. I don't know why I cannot stand them, but I can't! Friends/family/contractors have all said leave Wall-O-Mirrors up! It makes the space bigger they say, it adds character they say, and (most importantly) they will be a pain in the butt to get off. Wall-O-Mirrors and I just don't see eye to eye. It causes me no harm- except for every time I see them and want to pry them off with my fingernails. Dramatic. Get over it.

So after A LOT of you tube stalking, online research, and some heavy prayers that we wouldn't spray mirror shards across the ground floor of our home, we got those suckers off! Hoorah! 2 and a half months in and I don't have to watch myself eat anymore!

We started by taping up the mirrors so in the fairly likely event that they broke while we were forcing them off the wall, that the glass would fall in as big of pieces as possible. This took a lot of leftover duck tape from our color coordinated moving box extravaganza.

All taped up!

Because the walls were literally floor to ceiling and wall to wall, we couldn't slide wood under the back of the mirror and pry it off that way like most of the tutorials showed, so we needed to go back to the internet drawing board. After a quick and cheap trip to Home Depot (aka the place that we spend all our money at these days), we made it home with a piece of 1/16 inch wire cut 8 feet long. The goal was to slide this wire behind the mirror and work diagonally from one end to the other breaking the glue blobs. Shout out to the most patient man in the world for tackling this physically demanding task AFTER we had been on a 7m run that morning!

Working diagonally

It work about as well as expected, but the first one was pretty darn tough. Once we got the first one off, we were able to slide a thin screwdriver behind the mirror and break the glue bond without too much of the wire work. 

What lovely dalmatian spots left behind!

All in all, the project took about an hour and a half, but left us with some more items to cross off the list before painting and adding board and batton. We need to remove the leftover glue, patch the couple indents from the screwdriver, possibly/probably add some texture to the wall before we can get the beauty part of this beautifying project under way.

In the end other than a couple of quarter inch mirror chips, all 3 of the mirrors came off in one piece. We are hoping to sell them and spend that money on the new light fixture. It feels great to have this (step of the) project done and be making plans for the next one!


Friday, August 21, 2015

Five for Friday 8.21.15

So with about 10 half written posts in the draft page and none actually completed, I have another Five for Friday gem for you. This weekend will be another one spent putting blood, sweat, and tears into home ownership AND I can't wait to show the results. We are tackling a big project and I hope on Monday I can say it feels great to have that crossed off the list. Fingers crossed. So before things to get too serious around here (and before some safety glasses are donned), I thought a 5 for Friday of how the week went (lets be honest mostly in GIFs) would be a perfect fit!

1) Going back to spin class for the first time in 5+ months

30 Thoughts You Have in an Indoor Cycling Class-2

2) For the first time made homemade Chicken Tikka Masala and Naan this week

Recipe: Slow Cooker Chicken Tikka Masala — Weeknight Dinner Recipes from The Kitchn | The Kitchn
Learn how to make homemade naan (Indian flatbread) with this simple and delicious recipe! |

3) In case you missed this post, I really needed to see this comic this week. . .

4) Even when Cali boy misbehaves this is how I feel everyday when leaving my dog...

5) Cancelled my audible account, but got this last book to use up my credits...

Man, I hope you fulfilled by this deep post. What is going on for your weekend?

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Why I'm Not Trendy Enough For A White Rug

Well folks, today it happened. I left for work smooth sailing with no puppy cries to darken my morning. As I walked down to the street to hop on the metro with my freshly-pressed-french-press-coffee in tote, I was so smug to think, 'wow, Cal is okay with being at home now.' I even went so far to share with my coworker how good Cal (and his brother/ my sister's dog who is staying with us) had done this morning. It must have been my superior puppy training and assortment of toys/treats scattered around the house. I foolishly walked on K-9 cloud nine. I was wrong. I was so wrong. I regret everything I have ever thought.

You've seen this not finished photo before (oh hey price tags on things and slouchy couch cushions), but here you can see the RIP white rug
For when my lovely husband got home, we didn't have two pups waiting for us. We had two gardeners covered head to toe in dirt, mulch, and some mud from our rain storm last night. Oh, but I can't blame them! They tried to get the mud off of their adorable, cuddly little bodies. They rolled and rolled on the white living room rug to make sure they were fresh as daisies for when we came home. (Insert expletive here).

I see some guilty faces...

No, I'm not trendy enough to have a white rug in our home. I don't know why I spent so much time convincing myself that I was. Or looking lovingly at the nice white rug, in our nice downtown home thinking that I had a sliver of hope about being on point with my choice. I don't know why I pin endless amounts of projects and decor for this stylish house when I know that my little gardener pup is going to sabotage my life. I am bound to live in squalor.

Ok, I recant all of what I just said. It is more than ok that the rug is a little blackened AND that the dandy french press I love so much spills on the countertop every morning AND that we haven't bothered to put the outlet covers back on upstairs AND that the pile of boxes in the corner of the living room remains untouched. This is our house and our mess lives there too. Annoying as it may be it makes me feel grateful for all the things happening right now (gratitude for another post). That squirmy, dirty little guy is just one wrinkle in our messy lives, but I love him.

So tonight calls for some bleach (for the rug, not Cal), some vacuuming, and flipping through that puppy training book a couple more times. Anyone have any cleaning tips out there? You could really help a gal out.


Monday, August 17, 2015

Oops I Did It Again

What is 'it' you may ask?

britney spears animated GIF

Well, it started with some wine and ended with... bribing 3 people to join in the next half marathon! I feel irrationally proud of my prowess at convincing people to struggle through the pain, heat, shin splints, and chafing for a free t-shirt and beer at the end of it all. How did this all happen? In my element, of course, with wine and art. Andrew and I hit up a happy hour at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston this past week and by the end of a couple plastic glasses of cheap pinot grigio, I had convinced him and our friends that it was only logical that they join in the... fun.

So what do I mean by 'oops I did it again'... well you see I have quite the history of convincing people to run races with me- everything from 5ks to full marathons. Surprisingly, all of these people are still my friends. Very surprisingly. I don't know why people still talk to me. 

And now that my solo run has become a quad run, I'm really feeling the need to focus in on the training. I've found myself consistently frustrated with the adjustment of getting used to what a challenge it is to train here. Part of it is the temperature, part is the humidity, and part is how does training fit into my life. It is way more challenging to find the time to train with house projects, puppy dog eyes, and so much Netflix to watch. But getting the me-time on a run or in a quick trip to the gym makes me so much better at the rest of my life. I have more energy, feel better, and generally makes me nicer to be around :)

So here is what this week looked like training wise:

M- Cross Trained at the Work Gym w/ Elliptical and Weights
T- 3m run cancelled due to rain, so Rest Day
W- 4m (1 mile warm up, 2 miles in the low 8s, and 1 mile cool down)
Th- Yoga Class at Work
F- Rest Day
S- 6m run to start the weekend off right
Su- 3m run + this workout

What is motivating you to keep moving these days? 

Friday, August 14, 2015

No Waste August

It is almost halfway through the end of the month, so I thought I would share an extra special, extra crazy project that we have going on in our house these days. We are trying to go through August with no food waste. No produce that has gone bad, no leftovers not eaten, no cheese with that mold growing in the corners. Just kidding- cheese could never mold in our house... it doesn't last that long. 

I wouldn't categorize us as very wasteful- at all. We meal plan every meal, only go grocery shopping 1 x a week (no matter what... except deodorant), and are generally really thrifty with daily expenses to save for big ones. But I would get to the fridge on Sunday afternoon and see the last three rogue strawberries nearing the rotting point and decide against eating the fermented fruit and toss the little guys in the trash can.

We started No Waste August a bit by accident. Since moving into the new place we have eaten pretty cruddy. A frozen pizza shoved in the oven at 9pm because we forgot to eat while re-doing the bookshelves or chipotle leftovers on our one night without projects because that Netflix isn't going to watch itself, wasn't synonymous with a healthy diet. Normally we enjoy cooking together and get a kick out of trying new recipes, but it was all we could manage (and sometimes not) to eat cheezits and beer for dinner. So we aimed to put down the paint brushes and focus on healthy eating and spending more time with each other.

Once we got back into the cooking swing of things (crockpots totally count, I see your eye roll) we realized everything really is bigger in Texas. Our grocery budget in California could buy x,y,and z, but here you could get the whole darn alphabet. So we had a little of this and some of that and a bit more of that over there because you only live once. Our fridge filled with non-matching tupperware and we were not eating it all. So we pulled back. Way back. If you COULD get this much at the grocery store, but only need that much then lets go with the smaller amount and make life simpler.

And that is what we have been doing. On some days it is a challenge, but on most it makes life so much simpler. I make 1 meal for dinner and then we eat it for leftovers. Or I make a lot less of one thing and freeze the extra ingredients for the next time the recipe is on the docket. We are pretty light on meat, so produce is the challenge to keep fresh.

What has not been the easiest was when plans change. And we are in our mid twenties... plans change all the time. So if we are planning to go out for dinner one night and someone's schedule changes we may be stuck at home without defrosted meat. We wiggle our way around it and find something else to nom on. 

Also produce about to go bad is my personal kyptonight. So I'm freezing a lot of it for smoothies... and I hope I survive the smoothie apocolyse. 

Generally, however, it makes me look on how different our lives were in California. We weren't wasteful there either, but our routines were much more settled. There was not a strong possibility of having X extra people over for dinner and we knew our work schedules a lot better. Yes, sometimes we ended up with 3 things of cilantro (none fresh), but life chugged on. Here in Houston, there are so many (wonderful) unknowns. We may last minute go have dinner with family or have a work lunch and not need that leftover noodle dish. I can say that ober the last 2 weeks, we have barely thrown away anything (actually nothing that I can remember)... and I'm proud of that.

What do you always have extra on hand at your house? Or do you throw down a meal planning gauntlet? My least favorite so far... Leftover sweet potato wayyyyy past it's prime. I'm gagging thinking about it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

International Geocaching Day

Is not today.

And you probably have no idea what I'm talking about do you?

Well International Geocaching Day is this Saturday, August 15th and I think you should get to stepping, sneaking, and caching. Never heard of geocaching- neither had I until a couple years ago. Andrew and I were hiking near our house in California and all the sudden he starts launching into this magical description of a 'game' where people hide tiny logs in plain site and other geocachers go and find it. I was intrigued. Then I thought it was an elaborate lie. Then I decided it was the best thing I ever heard and we needed to do it ASAP. If you have ever played hide and seek or managed to suffer through a scavenger hunt with me, then you know that geocaching is right up my alley.

 The geocaching website describes,  "Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location." And let me tell you, the crazy comes out while caching. 

I know I'm a competitive person (so sometimes my responses can be extreme), but knowing that something is THERE right in front of you HIDDEN so you can't find it... makes me refuse to take no for an answer. Except a couple of times- in which, I went back to get the caches later.


Caches can look like almost anything and be hidden almost anywhere. We have seen ones as big as our palms and microcaches as small as... well I can't give you any hints on what they may look like. Sometimes caches are plastic with a log inside the cache and sometimes you can do a trinket exchange if the container is large enough. 

Don't think they are near you? I doubt it. We have found (and not found) some caches everywhere from downtown near where we live to remote hiking trails miles away from civilaztion. There are over 2.6 MILLION caches around the world. One time we explored a new city by wandering from geocache to geocache- it was one of my favorite ways to go through town. 

And it is social too. You login and download the app to your smart phone, start caching, and then share your experiences. Some people put up tips or hints- which have actually been REALLY helpful in the past. 

And the best part about all of this is that it is FREE. Not cheap, but free. Download the app and start caching. Andrew and I have been on multiple date nights where we cache our way across town. It is fun and you feel so sneaky trying to fit into your surroundings while studiously searching for a cache.

This is not a promotional post (although, hey Geocache get my number) but it is fun. It is a great way to get off the couch and switch up your routine a bit. Whether it is dabbling on a walk with your dog or a girls night geocache, it is a great way to try something new.

Now, go find some caches!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Dreaming Far Away

Taken in Switzerland back in '09

Well we are 4 months from our last big vacation and the traveling bug has caught me again. Over the past few days of picking up puppy poop and stepping over/ignoring the moving boxes to get to the couch (its a never ending nightmare- but not nearly as bad as when we didn't have our stuff for 3 months) my mind is wandering to where our next wandering adventure should be. In large part this is due to my best friend coming back from a month long European sabbatical... is it wrong to curse your friends?

Andrew and I both really enjoy traveling and we definitely cut back on day-to-day expenses so that we can enjoy visiting places. It is rewarding and we are very grateful to have the opportunity to save up and enjoy traveling without feeling irresponsible. That being said, the first 2 months of home ownership have been expensive... so you won't be seeing me jet set across the globe anytime too soon. BUT we just had an awesome weekend in beautiful Colorado and are headed up to the Midwest in a few short weeks for the glorious beginning of college football.

Being a planner by nature, I love to dig into researching places that we are interested in going. Reading books, stalking photos, looking at TripAdvisor reviews all of these are a fun part of planning a trip for me. And I like to do all the prep work before we go so that we have all of our options available. I do not plan every minute of the trip (because... its a vacation), but I like to know what is available and do what we feel like doing. It also helps that Andrew is super spontaneous, so even if I wanted to plan every minute that wouldn't work out too well.

I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for a 2016 adventure, but in the meantime I will be busy doing all the oohing-and-aawing online. The top two contenders at the moment are Thailand and Greece. Neither of us have ever been to Asia and Greece has been high on the top of the bucket list for a long time. It is a good thing that we have a lot of time between now and anticipated take off because... gotta build up that PTO :)


If we are lucky enough to spend some time in Thailand, these are at the top of the must do list.

Wat Pho

Wat Pho - Bangkok

Coordinate our Schedule w/ Loy Krathong/Yi Peng

Yi Peng: The festival of lights in Chiang Mai - Thailand travel tips!

Visit Phuket Old Town

What to Do in Phuket Town - #Phuket, #Thailand

Camp on one of the Beautiful Islands

Maya Bay Beach, Thailand. Stay overnight camping and have the beach to yourself in the morning.!sleep-aboard/ckqh

Be a Beach Bum

Koh Tao Beach Sunset, Thailand

And possibly, probably, most definitely visit an elephant sanctuary!

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, by Jeff Gear. The Elephant Nature Park is a rescue center for domesticated elephants near Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Every day the elephants march down to the river to have a bath and be washed by tourists and volunteers.


Visiting Ruins in Athens

Rich in ruins, the oldest city in Europe is also home to some of the best art, culture and amazing vistas.

Bring Out My Theatre Geek and Visit One of the Ancient Theatres
The Odeon of Herodes Atticus is a stone theatre structure located on the southwest slope of the Acropolis of Athens.It was built in 161 AD by the Athenian magnate Herodes Atticus in memory of his w...


Sunset cafe in Oia, Santorini #traveltuesday

Swim Through Greecian Caves
Melissani Cave, Kefalonia, Greece!

Island Hop
Navagio Beach, Zakynthos - Top Ten Paradise Beaches in Greece #beach. Haven't been here yet, but its going to happen! Ready Sky?!

What would you choose? Also send cash donations or let me know where I can sell my organs on the black market. Thanks!


Monday, August 10, 2015

Running Through My Mind 8.10.15

Shot from our weekend run around Buffalo Bayou... the heat was radiating off the pavement.

Do you secretly think you belong in a crazy folks home?

I do.

Not in daily life, but in exercise life.

There is something about the rush of endorphins that makes me irrational (or more so), focus on death/destruction/danger, and able to make massive logical leaps with little regard for reality/ One out of every three times or so while pounding the pavement, I get pretty convinced that I deserve to be in a straight jacket. Whether it is convincing myself that every other runner I see must be a serial killer or planning the quickest escape route if a rabid animal marks me as the next target, I get a little crazy. I start going down a path (literal and figurative) of nonsensical ideas and realize 20 minutes later that I just went through a rabbit hole of a whole lotta crazy. I do this and I find it relatively humorous. Don't believe me? Here is a sample of about 1/4 of a mile.

  • My shorter hair doesn't fit in a pony tail. Ugh. This is annoying.It is like one of those annoying little things that starts small and will eventually make a person believe their pet is their husband and that the government is hiding an army of robot zombies. But back to the hair. Ugh. Every step there is a little more hair that comes out. I can't survive this. I'll probably end up bald by the end of this. If one of my hairs falls out or if I touch a bench or something and leave a finger print AND then there is murder committed there- do you think the police will think it is me? How could I explain my way out of that one? I'm pretty good at convincing people things, but I don't want to go to jail. It would be awesome if that becomes the next Serial mystery.  As long as everyone knows I didn't do it. 
  • Bat poop smells disgusting, but I get so tired everytime I pass under this bridge. It is a conspiracy. It would be really scary if all those bats came out at once. Would they be scared of me? I don't like this chain of thought. The bat bridge would be an ideal place to hide a body... Especially if they have a breathing mask- like on the really creepy episodes of Criminal Minds. No one wants to stay under there long. I hope the police know this.
  • Do I have to go to the bathroom?
  • How the heck are these people pushing strollers and still passing me. And why are they all in lululemon. Freaking mafia of fit moms.  Were they this fit before they had children? How do they have time for this? I wonder if you can hear your child in that stroller thing. What  if they are yelling bloody murder (stop thinking of murder, you crazy person) and you can't hear because of your headphones?  I bet the fit mom mafia wouldn't like that. I think the fit mom mafia would be a great drug ring- unexpected and unassuming. I wonder if the police know about this too. I could tell them if I get picked up for that murder I didn't commit. 
  • It is hot. Sweat is sneaking into my eye. I'm getting sympathy pains just thinking about the salty liquid running into my eye ball. Owwwwww. And then I won't be able to check my Garmin for the distance. And I could run too long or too short or I could get lost or lots of other things. Am I done yet? Only 1/4 of a mile in. Whomp. Back to the piece of my hair falling out into a crime scene...
Anybody else... No? Well at least I tried to find like minded exercise psychos out there. No matter what, this past week was a good one. I did switch my training schedule up. I was super jazzed to start out with the new plan, but I didn't feel like I was running enough and the times that I was running were so structured- it wasn't fun. I'm not going to suffer through the inexhaustible heat, hurt like heck, and not have any fun. It is a little bit of a bummer because the other plan would make me focus on being faster AND I really want a new PR, but I just didn't like it. So out with the new and in with the old.

Cal is not the biggest fan of me running. We will teach him yet!

I used my trusty friend, Hal Higdon, and modified the intermediate training plan for my life. Here is what the last week (coincidentally the first week) looked like.

M- Cross Trained with the Elliptical at the work gym + weights
T- 3m run with run club and the pups (well they didn't REALLY run the whole thing, but they were cute to have around)
W- Rest
Th- Great 3m speedy run to start the day and my 28th year of life
F- Speed workout with 5*400 at a sub 8 pace + quick weights
S- 5m early run with Andrew
Su- Yoga to loosen up those tight legs

It was a great (second) first week of half marathon training. And it feels wonderful to be back in the swing of things. I always feel so much more enthused and positive about life after pounding the pavement and am grateful for the time I spend on the trails.

This upcoming week I hope to improve my strength training plan rack up some more miles.

What goes through your mind while exercising? Anyone else out there think that every other person is a serial killer coming to get you?


Friday, August 7, 2015

Dreaming of a Dining Room


Unless you say yes.

Now that we got that out of the way and hopefully there is less anxiety all around, I've been making plans. I've been drawing hearts around chandeliers and looking at paint chips lovingly. It is like wedding planning all over again, but less boozy. We've been in our fabulous-yet-tortuously-full-of-projects house for a few weeks now and are settling into fewer of the huge projects and more of the smaller weekend afternoon project affairs. That being said... there are still some rooms that are complete re-dos in my mind. And first on my list is the dining room. 

Here is the dream dining room-

The Bones

 Espresso Birch Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood Floors

We got the floors redone from black and yellow-white checkerboard to wood when we moved in. The whole kitchen and dining room areas have these in them now, so it flows well from room to room. They are great, easy to maintain, and adaptable to the Houston humidity. I love how cozy and homey they make out downtown abode feel. 

Languid Blue by Sherwin Williams
Paint Color:  Sherwin Williams Languid Blue

We haven't painted the walls yet, but I'm lusting after a blue dining room. Did you know that blue is supposed to be an appetite suppressant? Did you know that I don't care and want to paint the dining room that color anyways? My propensity for burnt dishes is enough of an appetite suppressant, I don't think the paint on the walls will make too much of a difference. I am a little conflicted about adding another color to the first floor. The living room and hallway are gray, the kitchen is yellow, and the 1st floor bath is blue/green. Hopefully it won't look like too much of a color wheel.

And now the list of projects that won't be happening anytime too soon, but that a girl can dream...

The Upgrades

Board and Batten the Walls
Young House Love | Our $57 Board & Batten Tutorial (It’s Surprisingly Easy!)
It would be a lie if I said this is a project I am dying to do! Young House Love has bm hooked on doing a bold board and batten to really lighten up the room. One big challenge with this step is... the longest wall of the room is covered in floor to ceiling mirrors. Yep. Big old tacky floor to ceiling mirrors. People keep saying it isn't that bad and we should just try to live with them for a while, but do you know how distracting it is to watch yourself eat? Side note, do you know how disturbing it is to watch yourself eat. I'm pretty sure there should be a fad diet that centers on the idea of watching yourself eat so that you don't actually eat. But I digress. We are doing some heavy research about how to remove the mirrors and possibly re-texture the wall before putting up the board and batten. This is a more lofty project. Please send tips on bribery.

Griffin Rectangular 14- Light Chandelier
Griffin Rectangular 14-light Chandelier

Now you know how much I love me a good light fixture and the 1980s wanna be retro, but not light we have in the dining room is just not doing it for me. I love this one below because its a little bit modern for Andrew, but the ode to Edison bulbs makes it seem homey for me. I'm not set on this one in particular, but I want something that is an attention grabber for the space.

 Radiante Lanterns Ikat Rug
 Rugs USARadianteLanterns Ikat SundanceRug
Because I'm a tad nervous about the color collision that may happen downstairs, I thought it would be nice to get a rug that ties in some of the other colors- like this yellow one with the yellow kitchen walls. If board and batten takes up half the walls and the pale blue paint takes up the other half, the room will need a little pizzazz.