Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Ok here I go again with a manically written post about how my life is not in order. Don't believe me. Look at this picture.

I won't even apologize for the jerry-rigged curtains blocking the street view into our house, the painting tarp strewn across the (unpainted) room, or the storage bins unsuccessfully blocking our pup from running through paint. I also would like to apologize for all the iPhone pics, but the DSLR charger is in a box- somewhere- so we are going on a month without a pretty camera. And pretty much without documentation of our lives.

So here is the status of things, I'm working on a post inspired by Evelina, we are eating out of a crockpot 24/7 (some wins and some losses), I finally snagged a new tea kettle and candles at the store, and my new baby herb garden isn't dead yet. What does all of this mean? Not much, but it feels SO good! Life is not settled yet (we are still sleeping on an air mattress and dressing out of a suitcase), but it is just a really exciting life stage. It hasn't been as easy as I thought making the cross country move with leaving friends, routines, hobbies, and our CA life. Each day, however, I am getting more excited for what the possibilities are living here.

Family is a big part of that. On Saturday both of our families made the trek out of the burbs to paint, prime, fix toilets, apply massive amounts of painters tape, hang cabinets, drink beer, and the whole works to make our humble abode a little less humble. It warmed my little grinch heart to see everybody working together to make our house a home. My inlaws, my folks, my sister, and her boyfriend all dropped their weekend to do COMPLETELY UNFUN work. It is a great reminder of why we moved-- to be closer to all of this. All of the elbow grease and we are slowly, but surely transforming our 1970s townhome to... okay we don't know what it will be transformed into quite yet. BUT hopefully we will know soon.

Ignore the spindles, mirrored bar, and lack of worker comp insurance.

Again ignore the mirrors (the original owners must have been really vain to want to look at themselves doing dishes) and anything else ugly. You will see the reveal of our new(ly redone) cabinets soon!

Our contractor came out today and we finalized some finishes, we have (99%) finished our kitchen cabinet paint remodel (and they look so good), our master bedroom is painted (inspired by our Chile trip), and we LOVE walking around and exploringthe area. Cal is becoming a city dog, I love taking the metro to work (especially meeting some interesting characters on the way), and half marathon training starts again today! Life is good. 

I can't wait to share some of the details about paint and finishes and DIY and what not, but right now it is time to give a certain puppy his first bath ever and crash for an early, early run.



  1. SO excited for you guys on this new adventure! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Looks like you guys are moving right along! :) So fun that your family came out to help you! That's true love! :)

  3. Those "unsettled" times can be strangely fun. And it is a great bonding experience for married/seriously-dating couples.

  4. I love that your excited and positive - that makes the move so much better and more enjoyable! You guys are going to be set up and in the swing of things in no time! Love that both families got to come help.

  5. Girl, that is beautiful chaos. Life would be too boring otherwise! I totally LOLed at the worker's comp thing. And I can't wait to read your sisterhood post!!