Friday, July 31, 2015

Running for the Weekend

Happy weekend y'all! I feel a step ahead of the game (for once) seeing as how early this morning I'll be popping on a plane and headed up to Colorado for a quick weekend with the cutest baby ever. A weekend of river rafting, brewery tasting, and shenanigans seems quite the way to celebrate a successful move in. 

But a long weekend away means that I had to fit my long run in during the week of 95+ degree temperatures. As much as I was dreading the dehydration I was also secretly looking forward to getting back/staying in the training routine. I have a new long running partner (although I try to bribe Andrew into as many runs as possible) and with a whopping 2 long runs under our belt it feels so nice to have a run buddy again. Chit chatting, gossiping, and gasping for air takes up most of the time. Although my normal go-to techniques to avoid boredom are podcasts, humans are so much better. I know- these are whopping revelations. 

My photography while running could really use some improvement...

On last night's long run, I was pretty concerned about the heat. Because life is complicated and schedules are a beast, our run happened to fall when the LITERAL TEMPERATURE
WAS 100. That's hot! That is also the understatement for the year. To beat the heat I focused on chugging water though out the day, wore a really cool mans hat (yeah, unpacking is not a secret talent of mine), and keeping the pace slow. Actually, I only accomplished 1 of those. I forgot my man's hat and gps in the car, so it was sunny and we started out way too fast. I knew it wasn't worth risking injury to make my feel a smidgen better about my pace, so for the second half we slowed way down. 

I then treated myself to an evening of foam rolling and puppy cuddling. And I thought it wasn't exactly fair to show only the spaces of our house that were mostly unpacked so here is a gem of what our bedroom looks like...

Cause everyone wants their tv in the middle of the room with about 30 feet of cable occupying the corner space. Whatever. I foam rolled. That is basically the same as eating kale and juicing. 10 points for me.

So as much as I HOPE to sneak in a run this weekend, way higher on my priority list is spoiling a bitty bitty babe. What do you have going on?



  1. I'm so impressed with your 100 degree run AND that you got one in before the weekend! Way to not let travel plans knock your running off schedule. Have a great weekend!

  2. It's very hot in California as well but not nearly nearing the 90s. Sometimes we just have to make time for exercise. I know I have trouble getting up off my butt haha :]

    // ▲ ▲

  3. I hope you enjoyed your time away - way to go on that run - that is way too hot for me! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston