Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Runday 7.20.15

YAY! I actually have something to write about again! It was killing me not being in training. Well actually I loved being a slug on the couch, but I just feel so much more back to normal in a routine and looking forward to a race. I have a lofty goal of a new PR for my upcoming October half and I don't know how I feel about it. I have all the INTENTION of running a PR, but really need to step up my training game to get there. I started a new running program that is supposed to make you faster, but the run training times are actually WAY slower than what I want my PR to be. Like a minute and fifteen+ seconds slower. I'm going to trust the process on this and enjoy the ride. The priority is to stay healthy and gain endurance for the January full...

The first week of a new training cycle is always so much fun. It is great to feel ready to go, excited about the runs, and so motivated. I wish I could bottle this for those unfun weeks, but it is all part of the journey. I battled some weird exhaustion bug at the end of the week and slowed way down in terms of activity, pace, and pure hours awake. It was just another reminder to take it one day at a time and focus on staying healthy. I feel happy with week one and ready more than ever to start week 2!

Without further ado, here is how Week 1 went:

Monday- Runners Yoga
Was a great starter into the cycle. I love all the yoga videos from Runners World and you can't beat the convenience of them all!

Tuesday- 3m @10:06
This workout was so very early in the morning. I felt great the rest of the day knowing that my workout was done and I was SO full of energy. On the minus side, I was SO VERY HUNGRY. I loved running around the new neighborhood and had fun crisscrossing the area without a real end goal in mind. I was at time a little nervous about the dark and not bowing where I was going, but I was very careful and carried some protection... None of that was needed, but I'm such a nervous nelly it felt good. And good news, after running around and around the new
Neighborhood... I love it more than ever!

Wednesday- Cross Training + Legs
I hit up the office gym with a coworker for what we THOUGHT was a cross training class, but should have read the schedule better. It ended up being a 30 minute ab class which was awful, so hard, and so very good at the same time. I was sore in all the places and fell asleep at 9:20pm- like a boss.

Thursday- REST day! Started feeling off today, so I took a rest day and slept a lot. 

Friday- 5*400 at 8:06 pace + arms
I really didn't want to do this workout and was hoping I would feel better at the end, but whomp the exhaustion bug hit me
SO hard. I normally feel 1000x better after a workout, but I was grouchy, tired, and generally a troll after the easiest workout of the week. 

Saturday- Unintentional rest/ troll day. Slept past 9, took an afternoon nap, and was asleep at 9:20- I'm basically a toddler... Get over it.

Sunday- 3 miles with one tempo mile @ 8:24. Felt good to be working hard, but awful to not be asleep. I don't know what  my body was trying to do, but I finally shook most the exhaustion off. Looking forward to a better second week!

What I missed- a 4 mile easy run! With 2 rest days (much needed) this week, I'm one run behind. I hope to sneak it in sometime this week to be able to cross all the workouts off my training calendar.

I'm so excited for this next half and can't wait to look at the week by week workout breakdowns and (hopefully) kick my PR's six year old butt!

Only time and miles will tell!

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  1. You're kicking butt at your running schedule! Motivationnnnnnnn!