Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fifty Shades of Gray

You didn't believe me, did ya?

Yes, I've been hiding under a rock. A homeowners rock. All I've been doing is DIY- painting, priming, sanding, spraying, and  else knows what at this point. It seems like we have done more projects than I can even remember and only maybe 1/10th of them can the casual visitor see. The war I've waged on yellow tinged white trim, while it has me thrilled with the change I highly doubt the world cares to see. The hours spent sanding cabinets (and my own fingers) off, no one will notice. My furrowed brow at the paint store, sometimes you have to just throw your hat in and pick 50+ shades to put on the mantle, will not matter in the long run. This is a lot of work! And correction to everything I just said, these were not "I" statements. These moments were brought to you by in large part Andrew and our families that have taken time to make our 'home for now' a 'home for a long time'. 

It isn't rosy, but it is definitely an adventure. I had a moment yesterday at work where I looked down at my hands during a meeting and saw 3 DIFFERENT PAINT COLORS hidden in my nail beds. I have regressed to the manically driven crafty toddler stage (I only took one child psych class- but I'm pretty sure I made that up). I wanted to shout out- I promise I've showered, but decided to cower and hide my hands under the table. Hopefully today I'll have better luck with the digits avoiding paint.

So I don't have a thrilling, engaging, or mildly interesting post for you today. It has mostly been trying to keep my head above water (literally with a pipe leak on day 2 of home ownership) and savor ing these moments where Andrew and I get to make our first (owned) home together. What does life look like now? It looks like sleeping on an air mattress, living out of a suitcase, and eating out of a crockpot- and it is awesome. Tonight we took some time out to go to a neighborhood bar (check that off the summer bucket list) where they have table top Jenga. Cal even got to tag along for the outing.

So there will be lots of DIY updates coming (and half marathon training starting next week) but in the meantime I just wanted to share the messy side of things. While the house may be messy, I'm in need of a manicure stat, and I've forgotten what an actual fresh meal tastes like- life is great right now. I'm beyond grateful for these new challenges and the opportunities that this new place holds for us!

What are you excited about right now? Projects? Profession? People?



  1. I think that sounds incredibly exciting! I think you'll look back fondly on this time for all your days. Something incredibly awesome about making a house a home.

  2. So exciting that y'all found a home! Can't wait to read about all of your DIY projects. :)

  3. Your homeowner trophy is in the mail! You guys are kicking serious butt with these projects! My hubby and I are tackling painting our whole house too. It's so much harder when you have furniture in there already.

  4. I might be re-decorating our current house if my husband does not want to move (he will be doing a longer commute, so I want him to decide), or re-decorating a new house if we do move.